Eighties Black and White Comic Books (US):

At the beginning of the 1980s, established independent publishers (anyone that was not Marvel or DC), were still mostly doing reprints of older comic book work, or compiling comic strips into comic book format. The newsstands were open, but limited to which books could be displayed. The comic book shop was the place to be, and allowed titles such as Raw to find an audience; this new 1980 anthology serialized Art Spiegelman's Maus.

'81 was almost a repeat, save for two debuts, Bob Burden's Flaming Carrot Comics, and the Hernandez brothers' Love and Rockets—very significant that these started out self-published. 1982 had a few more premieres than the year previous, including the birth of Comico and its book Primer.

The market truly sprouted in 1983, with new publishers bringing more fresh work from venerated artists/writers. There were a few unknown contributors to comics, most notably, the pivotal Albedo Anthropomorphics by Steve Gallacci and his Thoughts & Images.

1984 had similar growth as '83, the standout being Mirage comics, setup by Eastman and Laird to put out first Gobbledygook (the photocopy edition), and then the phenomally successful TMNT in May of that year.

7+ months would be all it took for everyone to realize that they too could write, draw, publish, or distribute comic books. And why not? The economy was improving, and printing costs were cheap enough. In 1985, everything bloomed.

Before perusing the list, take a look at a few important titles that began before the '80s, with most managing to continue beyond.

Most "Adult" titles are not listed here; those that are listed, are done so for their notoriety. This list is also aimed at original works, or notable reprints in comic book format. This is not a complete list yet, and I doubt it will ever be 100% accurate either, but I will endeavor to try. There are also a few UK titles, and many Canadian, that had major influences over in the States.

Would you like to see a list of publishers, too? That's a growing list.  

Year Title Publisher Span Notes
xChapters (Showcasing the Finest in Continuity Comic Strips) Devil's Trident Publications / NMI Jun-Nov? 6 iss tabloid newsprint, reprints of classic comic strips
xCole Black Rocky Hartberg Prod. ?-? '83 5 iss wide format (reprints?); 2nd vol in 1985, & another in 2006
Comic Art Showcase Quality Comic Art Productions ?-? 6 or 7 iss?; large format, comic strips reprints; Sky Masters of the Space Force, et al
The Comic Strip Frazetta Pure Imagination ? 1 iss? Comic strip reprints
xComic Strip Illustrated ME ? 1 iss mag. Reprints of Minute Movies - 1929
xThe Comic Strip News Quality Comic Art Productions Sep '80-? '81 19 iss newspaper; comic strip reprints
The Comic Strip Showcase Quality Comic Art Productions ?-? 2 iss? tabloid size, Terry and the Pirates, et al
Elf Lord Nightwynd Jun?-? '8215 iss; Barry Blair self-pub; reg series in '86
Fantasian Acme Comics Group Jul-Dec '82 14 iss; illustrated fan mag
xFun Comics Paragon Publications {AC} Dec?-Mar '83 Sporadic publishing; changed to Bill Black's Fun Comics
xHembeck Series FantaCo Feb?-Jan? '83 A spoof series, 7 iss w/ diff titles; #1 reprint w/ added pps
Maus (mini-comic)Raw Books & GraphicsDec-Sep '86inserted into RAW Magazine #2; actual 1st appearance as strip in Funny Animals, 1972
RAW Raw Books & Graphics Jul-1991 Sporadic 'arty' comic anthology w/ some color and inserts; later vol 2 had color work; ended at Penguin Books
xReid Fleming, World's Toughest MilkmanDavid Boswell (CAN) / Eclipse / Deep Sea / Dark Horse / IDWOct-?nn; mag-sized; moves to Eclipse in '86; last reprint in 2010
xRip Kirby Pacific Comics Club ?-? 15 iss reprints
xSmilin' Ed Smiley FantaCo Enterprises ?-Mar '81 4 iss; cover name has variations of Smilin' Ed
~Snoid ComicsKitchen Sink PressJan?one-off? (R. Crumb's)
Star Fems Paragon / AC ?-'82 2 iss; #1 reprinted '01, mature?
The Wallace Wood Treasury Pure Imagination ? 1 iss; reprints and interviews honoring Wood
Adventures of a Modern Day Unicorn Fragments West Mar 1 iss; GN, landscape format; first in a series of titles for Frank the Unicorn
xAdventure Illustrated (mag) New Media Publishing Winter 1 iss
xAfter/Shock: Bulletins From Ground Zero Last Gasp ? 1 iss
xAlien Encounters FantaCo Enterprises Jan One-shot? Not related to Eclipse's?
xBizarre Adventures Marvel Mar-Feb '83 25-33 in B&W, last iss #34 color; non-CCA title was Marvel Previews #1-24
xEclipse Magazine Eclipse Enterprises May-Jan '83 Anthology; first non-graphic novel for Eclipse; replaced by color title
xFantasy Book Fantasy Book Enterprises Oct-Mar '87 23 iss; quarterly mag
Flaming Carrot Comics Killian Barracks / A-V / Renegade / Dark Horse Summer/Fall-Oct '94 First publ by creator Bob Burden
xGalaxia Astral Comics Jun one iss
xThe Illustrated James Bond, 007 U.S. James Bond 007 Club Feb 1 iss, comic strip reprints
xIsmet Canis Publications May-Jul? '82 5 iss; Early furry?
JCP Features the T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents JCP / JC Comics Group Feb 1 shot; new stories, and reprints; many resurrections, all color(?)
~Love and Rockets Hernandez / (CX) Fantagraphics ?-'96 #1 Self-printed, then reprinted and continued at Fantagraphics; new run '01-'07; annually after '08
xMaxwell Mouse Follies Southeast Media Distributors ?1 iss; reprint of '78 title; resurrected for 6 iss in '86
xThe Mike Mist Minute Mist-eries Eclipse Apr Reprint of syndicated comics from '79-'80
xNexus (mag) Capital Comics ?-Oct '82 1st 3 iss were b/w; Dark Horse collected TPBs
xSurvivalist Chronicles Survival Art Press ?-? 3 iss?
xUltra Klutz Klutzian Komidy Kause Jun? One-shot? New series in '84; picked up by Onward, '86-'91; Bad Habit, '96
Weirdo (magazine) Last GaspSpring-Summer '93Low-brow.
xWhite Indian Pure Imagination ? 1 iss; reprints
xAcme Comics Fantasion Productions (Fandom House) Fall-'94; 2014 11 iss; initial run (1-10) ended in '94, a color iss done in 2014
Americomics Americomics Dec-Apr '84 7 iss + Special; #0 Preview Issue only one that is B&W
xArmy Surplus Komikz Featuring Cutey BunnyArmy Surplus Komikz / Eclipsesporadic—almost yearly till '85; web
xBasically Strange (mag)?John C. Productions/Curtis Publications?Archie?Atlas? Decfirst print run practically lost; pps out of sequence. Reprinted with new art
Battle for a Three Dimensional World 3D Cosmic Publications ? 1 iss; 3-D; Jack Kirby art
xBop Kitchen Sink Press ? 1 iss; music comic magazine
~Cherry Poptart / Cherry Last Gasp / Kitchen Sink?very sporadic
x(Comico) Primer (1982)ComicoOct-Feb '846 iss; Anthology
xThe Complete Rog 2000 Pacific Comics Jul 1 iss, cover name Rog 2000; reprints from E-Man 1973
xCrusaders (mag)Guild Publications?Southern Knights from #2 on; reprints later by Comics Interview
Deja-Vu (mag) FantaCo ? 1 iss; collected reprints
xDomino ChanceChance Ent.May/Jun-May '85furries? 9 iss?
Dragonring Nightwynd Productions ? Barry Blair one-shot; would re-appear in '86
xFantasy Illustrated (mag) New Media Publishing Apr 1 iss; some stories reprinted and colored in Epic's Coyote
Four-Fisted Tales Comics Consortium ?-? 2 iss
Frank the Unicorn on the Farm Fragments West Dec 1 iss; GN, landscape format
xGates of Eden FantaCo May? One-shot? Anthology
xGoblin (mag) Warren Publishing Jun-Nov Color inserts included; 3 iss
Golden Age of Comics New Media Publishing Summer-Feb '84 8 iss plus one special; reprints from the GA
Graphic Fantasy Ajax Comics Jun-?'83? 3 iss; #1 1st appearance of Savage Dragon, 300 copies; cont. in Prism ('85)
xIt's a Dog's Life Last Gasp ? 1 iss.
Jack Kirby Treasury Pure Imagination / Eclipse ?-? '91 2 iss; reflection on his work, & checklist; #2 HC
Junior Jackalope The Nevada City Publishing Co. ?-? '83 2 iss; returns in '86, "Tales of the Jackalope"
xJust Imagine Comics and Stories Just Imagine 81?-Sep '84 12 iss; starts mag-sized
Micro-Comics Micro-Comics (Paul Curtis) ?-'86? mini-comic published and sold in sets of 3, semi-anthological
Spaced Unbridled Ambition / Eclipse ?-? '87 13 iss; After #9, published by Eclipse
Vikon Platinum Canyon Publication, Ltd. ? 1 iss
xVortexVortex ComicsNov-Jan '851-15; anthology?
xWarrior [UK] (mag)Quality CommunicationsMar-Feb '8526 iss +1 special; Anthology series
xYearnings: Elfquest Companion WaRP Graphics ?-? 3 iss? sporadic Elfquest fanzine
Zomoid Illustories 3-D Zone ?-? '86? 56 iss; mini, ltd. run; Some reprinted in Zomoid Illustories (1989)
xAftermath Gulf Comics ?-'84? 2 iss
~Albedo AnthropomorphicsThoughts and ImagesSummer-Spring '8914 iss, starts at #0; reprints in Command Review; moves to Antarctic Press '91
The Anti-Chair: Regressive Aid Rhesus Records ? 1 iss, quality paper; 2nd print in '84 on newsprint; pt 2 of Fire Shrine Trilogy; reprinted as This Is Heat by Mu Press '93
xAz Comico ?-? 2 iss.
Backyard Scientist Featuring Frank the Unicorn Fragments West Mar 1 iss; GN landscape format; Phil Yeh art in a science activity book
xComet Tales Rocket Comics Spring?-2006?18 iss?
xComics CollectorKrause Publ.Spring-'85/'86mag on the industry & collecting, w/ values; first iss in color? and rest in b&w
xComics Interview, David Anthony Kraft's Comics Interview (Fictioneer Books) Feb-Nov? '95 150 iss + 6 specials; went color? interviews and editorials on comics
xDick Tracy Dailies and Sundays Chicago Tribune ?-? 2 iss; comic strip reprints of dailies and Sundays, 1940
xA Distant SoilWaRP GraphicsDec-Mar '861-4 mag, 5+ comic size
xDon Rosa's Comics and Stories CX / Fantagraphics Jul-Nov 2 iss; reprints from Rocket's Blast Comic Collector ('70s)
xDragon's Teeth Dragon's Teeth Jun/Summer? 1 iss; magazine
xEscape To the Stars Infinity Visual / Visionary Graphics ?-? '85 5 iss; Solson had a v2 #1 title in '87
xFigments Unlimited Graphik Publikations ?-? 3 iss; 1st iss is mag size?
GrendelComico Mar-Feb '843 iss
The Hoobi Yaps Artifact Howski Studios ? 1 iss
xJourney (Wardrums)Aardvark-VanaheimMar-Apr '8627 iss; returns in '87 from Fantagraphics for 2 iss
xMallimalou! Chance Enterprises Dec? 1 iss?
xMegaton Megaton Comics Nov-Aug '87 8 iss
xNeil the Horse Comics and Stories Aardvark-Vanaheim Feb-Aug '88 10 iss, then 5 at Renegade
xNemo: The Classic Comics Library Fantagraphics Jun-Jan '92 31/32 iss, + '85 annual, reprints and articles
Nightslayer George R. Reid ? 2 iss?
xOur Story Thus Far Jabberwocky Graphix ?-? '88 3 iss; multiple artists per iss
xPower Plays Extrava-Gandt / AC / Millenium Sep-? '95 Publ. by Mike Kelly; reprint in '85 by AC + #2; #3 in '90; new #1 in '95 by Millennium
Quadrant Quadrant ?-? '86 8 iss; collected by Malibu
xQuest Presents Quest Publications Jul-Nov 3 iss; semi-anthology; #3 in color
xSkrog Comico / Crystal ? 1 iss at Comico, 1 special at Crystal
Slaughterman Comico ?-? 2 iss?
xSpectrum Comics Previews (mag?) Spectrum Comics Feb 1 iss? Cont in Survivors.
xThe Spirit Kitchen Sink Comix Oct '83-Jan '92 B&W #12 Oct '85 on; reprints post-war stories
xSteelDragon Stories SteelDragon Press ? one-shot?
xSurvivors Spectrum Comics Jun-Mar '84 4 iss; Cont. from Spectrum Comics Preview #1; #2-4 were in color.
Tales of the Dinosaur Grazing Dinosaur Press ? 1 iss; self-published by the creators
Temple Snare Howski Studios ? 1 iss; part 1 of Fire Shrine Trilogy; reprinted by Mu Press in '90
xWill Eisner's Quarterly (mag) Kitchen Sink Press Winter-Mar '86 Semi-anthology, with focus on Eisner; 8 iss
?Yummy FurChester Brown (Tortured Canoe)Jul-Sep '85mini-comic until Vortex '86 reprints, then Drawn & Quarterly
xAlien Worlds 3-D Pacific Comics ? One-shot, two-tone version of color title
Armageddonquest Starhead Comix Apr- 3 or 20 iss?
Black Atlas Madison Comics ? 1 iss; mag sized?
xBolt Special AC ? 1 iss; originally planned for color
xBolt and Star Force Six, Special 1Americomics ?One-off?
xBuccaneers Infinity Graphics Oct 1 iss? Tony Nichols & Bobby Pfeffer
xCap'n Quick & a Foozle Eclipse Jul-Mar '85 2 iss; a color reprint issue follows, The Foozle
xCaptain Phil and the Inter-Galactic Space PalsSteelDragon Press Fall 1 iss?
Cassette BooksCassette Book Co. ? reprints of Classics Illustrated (illegally), w/ cassette tape
Comics The Golden AgeNMP Mar-? '85 5 iss
xConquerorHarrier Nov-Jul '85 9 iss; web
?Conqueror Special PreviewHarrier before the regular iss went to print?
xCrimson Dreams Crimson Productions Summer-Dec '87 11 iss
xCrossfire Eclipse Jun-Feb '88 #18-26 (end) B&W
Dick Tracy Blackthorne Dec-Jun '89 24 iss; comic strip reprints, Jan '46-Apr '49, Jul '41-Mar '44
Doctor Peculiar Madison Comics ?-? 2 iss
xEscape to the Stars Infinity / Visionary Graphics / Solson ?-? '87 6 iss? 2 yr lapse between Visionary #5 & Solson #1 '87
Famous Movie Stars of the '30s Pacific Comics Jul? 1 iss; 11x3½ size, bio reprints from Universal Phoenix Features
Far Frontier Madison Comics ? 1 iss
xFemforce Special AC Comics Sep-? 2001 2 iss
~Gobbledygook Mirage Studios ?Photocopy print run of 150 ea; 2 iss; one-shot in '86
Heartbreak Comics David Boswell Aug Reprinted later by Last Gasp & Eclipse
Heroes of Sports Pacific Comics Jul One-off; 11x3.5"! Will Eisner ca '37
xJaxon's Illustrated Tales Fantagor Press ? 1 iss
xJim Nastics Redstone Oct?-Mar? '85 2 iss?
xKitz 'n' Katz Komiks Phantasy Press / Eclipse / self ?-Apr? '87 6 iss; 2-5 by Eclipse, #6 solo
xLeo Derek Wrecking Row ? 1 iss, mag
Marvelman Special Quality Periodicals ? 1 iss; Marvelman Family stories by Anglo,and Moore
xMr. Frank Goes to Washington, D.C. Fragments West ? 1 iss; GN
xMs. Tree Aardvark-Vanaheim / Renegade Press Aug- From '83 Eclipse series, now B&W, 10-18; 19-50 duotone.
xMyth Adventures WaRP Graphics Mar-Oct '86 12 iss
New Horizon Equinox Publishing ? 1 iss; reboot in color, '85
xNew Triumph featuring Northguard Matrix Graphics Sep-Jun '86 5 iss
xThe New York City Outlaws Outlaw Feb-? '86 5 iss
~Omaha the Cat DancerSteelDragon Press?/Kitchen Sink Press 1986 {Adult} after several appearances in diff. books, gets its own
xPlanet Comics Pacific Comics Jul1940s title reprint; Picked up by Blackthorne in '88
xThe Shade Special AC Comics Fall 1 iss
xSiegel and Shuster: Dateline 1930s Eclipse Nov-Sep '85 2 iss; #2 is in B&W
xStarforce Six Special Americomics
xStig's InfernoVortex 1-5 / 1987 Eclipse 6-7 '84-Mar 87 7 iss
~Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesMirage Studios / Mirage May-Aug '93, '96, '01, '08 Image took over in '96; Mirage took back in '01; on hiatus since '08
Ultra Klutz and Other Tales Klutz Enterprises Dec-Dec '85 5 iss; four reprints on #1
Whispers and Shadows Oasis Comics ?-Nov 86? 8 iss anthology; '90 reprint #1 & 2?
xWonderworld Express That Other Comix Co. ? 1 iss
xZot! Eclipse Apr-Jul '91(36 iss) b&w @ #11 and on; 10½ by Not Available Comics; collected later by Kitchen Sink
xAdam and Eve A.D. BAM Productions Sep-Apr?'87 10 iss
xAlpha Track Fantasy General Comics Feb 1 iss? Color prequel in Time Warriors 1986
xBlackmoon U.S. Comics / Solson ?-? '87? 3 iss; Solson co-pub #3
Broom Hilda - Blackthorne's Comic Strip Preserves Blackthorne Aug? 1 iss; comic strip reprints
xCharlie the Caveman Fantasy General Comics 1 iss? (looks so crappy! Sweet!)
xColt (Special) AC Comics aka AmeriComics Summer features Black Diamond, Tara, The Specialists
xCruise TRT Apr-? 1 iss? super-indy
Ditko Collection Fantagraphics Feb-Aug '86 2 iss; reprints Mr. A stories, over 100 pps ea iss
Doctor What? James Reade ?-? 5 iss; Parody of Doctor Who
xThe Drawing Stick Thumbprint Cards & Comics (Acme Comics) 1 iss; mini
xEb'nn (the Raven) Crowquill Comics / Now Comics Oct-Jan '87 6 iss; 2 at Crowquill, 4 at Now
xEquine the Uncivilized GraphXPress Nov-'90 7 iss; 2nd series Silverwolf '90-91
Femforce Action Comics ?-Oct '09 B&W begining with #16 '88, some iss will be in B/W
xThe Fish Police Fishwrap Prod./Comico/Apple Dec-Dec '90Comico's color run (5-11 reprints) 12-17; Apple in b&w, 18-26; Re-appears as Fish Shticks in '91
Frank the Unicorn and Syd Ha Sitbird on the Brooklyn Bridge Fragments West ? 1 iss;GN landscape format
xFrontiers 85: Crusaders Frontiers '86?-Nov '86? 2 iss; 2nd iss is Frontiers 86 Presents Crusaders
xFugitoid Mirage Publishing Sep One-shot tie-in
xGate of Ivrel (mag) Fancheristics ? Novelization? Picked up by Starblaze
xGene Day's Black Zeppelin Renegade Press Apr-Oct '86
xGizmo Chance Enterprises May? 1 iss at Chance? "Vol 2" at Mirage
xHeavy Armor Fantasy General 1985-'86 3 iss
xHeroic Fantasy Heroic Fantasy Publ. Feb?-? 3 iss mag; not sure if it has comic stories
xHow to Draw Comics Comic Solson Publ. ? One-shot? Kirby cover
xJerry Iger's Classic Jungle Comics Blackthorne ? One-shot? Reappears in '88
Jerry Iger's Classic Sheena Blackthorne Apr One-shot; reprints from 1940's Fiction House
Jerry Iger's Classics Wings Comics Blackthorne Oct? one iss reprints of stories from '40s' Wings Comics
xKelvin Mace Vortex Comics Dec, Feb '86 1st iss b&w, 2nd in color, no more iss.
xKiller ...Tales by Timothy Truman Eclipse Mar One-shot; collected reprints w/ some color
Kyra Elsewhere Productions ?-Jun '87 5 iss, and one collected work with unpublished iss #6
xK-Z Comics Presents KZ Comics Aug One-shot anthology? Colt cover story, title continues as Colt #2 '86
xMangazine Antarctic Press Aug-Dec '86;Jan '89-Apr '96 Manga anthology at first; 2 vol
xMichaelangelo Mirage Publishing Dec one-shot (b&w?)
xNeat Stuff Fantagraphics Jul-Dec '89 15 iss; Anthology; Reprinted?
xNervous Rex Blackthorne Sep-Mar '87 10 iss
xNew Age Comics Fantagraphics ? 1 iss preview of Independent titles; 2nd iss commissioned, never saw print
xThe Night Masters Custom Pic Comics Nov-Jan '87 6 iss; (later Night Master title by Silverwolf)
xOcean Comics Ocean Comics Feb 1 iss
xOn Stage Blackthorne Jun One-shot?
Power Stars Madison Comics ?-? 2 iss
Prism Ajax Comics Sep 1 iss; 700 copies, cont from Graphic Fantasy
xRadium and His Intergalactic Odd Squad Fantasy General ? 1 iss?
Raphael: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Mirage Publishing Apr 1 iss. micro-series; reprinted Nov '87 and in color by IDW in 2012
xRevolver Renegade Press Nov-Apr '86Robin Snyder editor; direct sale; 6-12 iss anthology; goes to Ditko's World
Savage Ninja Cadillac Comics Feb 1 iss?
xSavage Tales (mag) Marvel Oct-Dec '86 Re-introduction of '70s title; 8 iss anthology
xScratch Outside Comics ?-? '87 6 iss; 1st app in Cerebus #59?
xShadowStar Savage Graphics / ShadowStar Press / Slave Labor Winter-Mar? '86 3 iss? Anthology?
xShuriken Victory Productions Winter-Apr '87 8 iss; 2nd series in '87 by Eternity
Silver Wolf Bulletin Silver Wolf Oct-Mar '86 6 iss; includes mini-stories; a Special iss in '86
xSkellon Empire Fantasy General 1 iss?; supposed 12 iss series; Color prequel in Time Warriors 1986
xSmokey Stover (Bill Holman's) Blackthorne ? 1 iss reprint; part of Blackthorne's Comic-Strip Preserves
xSpace Ark AC / Apple ?-? '87 5 iss; went B&W when Apple (& WaRP) picked up #3
Standard Comics Pure Imagination ? 1 iss; reprints classic Standard Comics stories
Star Hawks Blackthorne Dec-Apr '87 4 iss reprints; first of the Comic-Strip Preserves series
xStories of the West Blackthorne Publishing Apr-Oct Anthology?; 2 iss?
xTales from the AniverseArrow ComicsDec-Feb '876 iss; next app The Anniverse
xTales of the Beanworld The Beanworld Press / Eclipse ?-? '93 Sporadic--21 issues; graphic novels printed in '89
xThieves' World Starblaze Graphics ?-'876 iss; squarebound?
xThose Annoying Post Bros. Vortex 1-18/Rip Off Press 19-38/Aeon 39-63 Jan-May '98? bi-mon?
xThunder-bunny WaRP Graphics / Apple Comics Jun-Nov '87 12 iss; #7 on publ. by Apple Comics; a color iss printed by Archie / Red Circle in '84
xTime Out of Mind Graphic Serials ?-? 4 iss
xTo Be Announced Strawberry Jam Comics Nov-? '87 7 iss
xTrufan Adventures Theatre ParaGraphics ?-? '86 2 iss; parody
xUnderground Classics Rip Off Press -1992 reprints? but not long in b&w (very sporadic, 15 iss)
xValentino Renegade Press Apr-Apr '88 2 'sequels'; like American Splendor?
xVicki Valentine Renegade Press Jul-Jul '86 4 iss; paper dolls in #1?
xWizard Works Fantasy General Comics 1 iss?
xWordsmith Renegade Press Aug-Jan '88 12 iss; reprinted by Caliber, '90
WRAB: Pirate Radio Howski Studios ? 1 iss
x3-D Adventure Comics Stats Etc. Aug? 1 iss; promo
x3-D Alien Terror Eclipse Jun One-shot; original stories?
xThe 39 Screams Thunder Bass Press ?-? 6 iss; Anthology
xAdolescent Radioactive Black Belt Hamsters Eclipse Comics Jan-Jan?'88?Parody; several comebacks
xThe Adventurers Aircel / Adventure Publications Aug-Nov '872 at Aircel, 10 more at Adventure; new series in '88 & '89
xAdventures in the Mystwood Blackthorne Aug 1 iss (is it B&W?)
xThe Adventures of B.O.C. Invasion Comics Nov-Mar '87 3 iss
xThe Adventures of Captain Jack Fantagraphics Jun-Jan? '89 12 iss
xThe Adventures of Rick Raygun and Quasi-Nodoze Stop Dragon Comics Sep-Jan '87 5 iss
xThe Adventures of Spencer Spook A.C.E. Comics Oct-Jul '87 6 iss; Retro, '50s character
xThe Adventures of Theown Pyramid Productions Oct-Feb '87 3 iss ltd series
xAgainst Blackshard: 3-D - The Saga of Sketch, the Royal Artist Sirius Comics ? 1 iss; a two-color 3D comic
xAlien Ducklings Blackthorne Oct-Apr '87 4 iss
Alien Worlds Blackthorne Publishing Sep 1 iss (GN); PC and Eclipse printed title previously in color—Eclipse tried again in '88
xAmazing Wahzoo Solson Publications ? 1 iss.
xAmused to No End Jabberwocky Graphix ? 1 iss, mini
xAmusing Stories Renegade Press Mar One-shot
xThe Anonymous Prairie Dog Publications ? 1 iss
Anything Goes! Fantagraphics Oct-Oct '87 6 iss; only #6 is b&w
xAristocratic Xtraterrestrial Time-Traveling Thieves Comics Interview Aug 1 iss; returns in '87
xAtomic Man Comics Blackthorne Dec-Apr '87 3 iss
xB-Movie Presents B-Movie Comics Mar-Dec 4 iss?
xBade Biker and Orson Mirage Studios Nov-Jun '87 4 iss
xBarabbas Slave Labor Aug-Nov 2 iss.
xBarbaric Tales Pyramid Productions ?-? 2 iss?
xBetty Boop Blackthorne Mar?-Feb '87? 3 iss? Part of Blackthorne's Comic-Strip Preserves
xBlackstar Imperial Nov-?Feb '87 2 iss? Blackthorne's Comic-Strip Preserves
xBlackthorne's 3 in 1 Blackthorne Nov-Feb '87 2 iss
xBoffo Laffs Paragraphics ?-'87? 5 iss; anthology?
xThe Boogieman Nuclear Age Comix (Rion?) Oct 1 iss
xBorder Worlds Kitchen Sink Press Jul-Aug '87, vol2 1990 mature; spun-off from Megaton Man
xBoris the Bear Dark Horse / Nicotat Aug-Nov'91 12 iss at Dark Horse, cont. at Nicotat for 22 iss; also in Boris' Adventure Magazine ('88)
Brenda Starr Reporter Blackthorne ?-? 2 iss? Part of Blackthorne's Comic-Strip Preserves
xBuce N Gar R.A.K. Graphics Dec-? '88 3 iss
xBuried Treasure Pure Imagination Spring-'88? 3 iss anthology reprints of classic adventure & romance. Moves to Caliber in '90.
xBushido Blade of Zatoichi Walrus Solson Publ. ?-? '87 2 iss? Anthropomorphic parodies?
xCaptain Confederacy SteelDragon Press Oct-Oct '88 12 iss; special edition Summer '87 (no color)
xCases of Sherlock Holmes Renegade Press 1-15/Northstar Publ. 16-20 May-'90 Mostly text with few panels
xCecil KunkleRenegade PressMay1 iss; Collected strips from Comics Buyer's Guide; 1st appeared in Paul Curtis' Micro-Comics, 1982; vol2 in '87
xClint Eclipse Sep-Jan, '87Adol. Rad. Black Belt Hamsters spin-off
xCoda Coda Publishing ?-? 4 iss? Vignettes?
xCold Blooded Chameleon CommandosBlackthorneAug-Jun? '87five iss?
xColt KZ Comics Jun-Nov Cont. from K-Z Comics Presents #1; 3 iss.
xThe Comics Artists Showcase Showcase Publ. Oct Publishers' artists shown; one-off
xCommand Review Thoughts & Images 1-3/Antarctic Press #4 Jul-Feb'89-'90? Came out yearly for some reason; 4 iss; compiles Albedo
xConcepts Illustrated Victor Plajas / Victor Comics ? 1 iss?; feat. Polarr: The Last Super-Hero; later reprinted?
xConstellation Graphics Stages Comics ?-? 2 iss
xThe Cosmic Book Ace Comics (Wandering Star)Dec?-? iss 2 is B&W
xCrackbusters Showcase Publications Nov-Mar '86Anti-drug title; 2 iss.
xCritters Fantagraphics Jul-1990Features some well-known furries.
xCrossed Swords KZ Comics Dec one-shot? 8-pg dungeon incl.
xCrow of the Bear Clan Blackthorne Publishing Oct-Mar'88 6 iss
xDaffy Qaddafi: Malice in Wonderland Comics Unltd. (Solson) ? one-shot
xDark Bruce Quast ? 1 iss?
xDark Adventures Darkline Mar-Sep '87 4 iss
xDark Horse Presents Dark Horse Jul '86-Sep '00 vol2 in 2011?
xDark Visions Pyramid Productions Nov-Jan? '87 2 iss?
xDeadworld Arrow / Caliber Dec-Jan '93 Vol 2 began in '93; most iss had a 'clean' cover variant
xDeath Rattle vol 2 Kitchen Sink Oct'85-Oct'88 #6 til end (#18) are B&W
xDemon's Blood Odyssey Publishing ? ?
xDestroy!! (mag) Eclipse Nov '85 one-shot (reprinted in color)
xDick Tracy Monthly/Weekly Blackthorne May-'89 strip reprints; becomes weekly w/ #26
xDimension Z Pyramid Productions ?-? 3 iss series
xDitko's World featuring Static Renegade Press May-Jul 3 iss; continues as Murder
xDonatello, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Mirage Studios Aug one-shot
xDragon Quest Silver Wolf Dec-Feb? '872 iss; 1st Silver Wolf title?
xDragonring Aircel May-Oct 6 iss, reprinted in '89 as Dragonforce Chronicles; vol2 in color; [vol2 continues in Dragonforce (1988)]
The Dreamer Kitchen Sink GN
xThe Dreamery Eclipse Dec-Feb '89Characters reappear in Stinz
xDrifters Infinity Graphics / Knight Press Oct 1 iss
xThe Dungeoneers SilverWolf Sep-Dec 4 iss
The Dungeoneers Premiere Silver Wolf Aug 1 iss; printed & distributed a month earlier than regular issue,cover $9.95
xEagle Crystal Publ. / Apple Sep-Apr '90 Crystal 1-16; Apple 17-23
x(Earthlore) Reign of the Dragon Lord Eternity Nov?-Jan?'87 2 iss? Spin-off Reign of the Dragon Lord is in color
xEarthlore Eternity ?-? 2 iss?
xElflord Aircel Mar?-Aug? 6 iss; first two iss reprints from Nightwynd; a 2nd vol starts in Sep; many vol with different publishers
Elflord (II) Aircel Sep?-Sep? '88 22 iss; cont. w/ Mailbu in '88
xElftrek Dimension Graphics Jul?-Oct 2 iss ltd series parody
xEmpire Lanes Northern Lights / Keyline Dec-'90 4 iss; vol 2 by Keyline (Comico)—twice!
xEntropy Tales Entropy Enterprises ?-? '87 4 iss
xThe Eradicators SilverWolf May-Dec Became vol2 with Greater Mercury
The Eradicators Premiere Silver Wolf Apr 1 iss; Printed & distributed a month before regular issue, cover $9.95
xEscape Velocity Escape Velocity Press ?-? 2 iss anthology
xEvaristo: Deep City Catalan Communications Sep One-shot GN anthology
xEx-Mutants, #1 Eternity Comics Spring-? '94 would start at Eternity, go to Amazing, then Pied Piper, then back to Eternity (Malibu) but cont. numbering from Amazing
xEx-Mutants, Special Edition #1 Amazing Comics
Ex-Mutants Amazing Comics #2-5? Sep-Dec '87?
Extremely Silly (Comics) Antarctic Press Apr 1 iss anthology; reboot in Nov
Extremely Silly (Comics), vol 2 Antarctic Press Nov 1 iss anthology
xFailed Universe Blackthorne Dec One iss parody of "New Universe"
xThe Fan Connection Milky Way Graphics ? one iss?
xFantaSci WaRP Graphics / Apple Press Oct-'87 9 iss; Apple #2-9
?The Fat Ninja Silver Wolf Aug-Dec 5 iss; Greater Mercury brought back for 2 iss in '90s
The Fat Ninja Premiere Silver Wolf Jul 1 iss; printed & distributed one month before reg iss, cover $9.95
xForever Now Entertainment Publishing ?-? 3 iss
xThe Foton Effect Aced Comics / CA Comics Oct-? '87 3 iss; Aced printed #2 w/ a B&W cov; CA took over printing w/ #2 cov in color; planned for 10 iss
xFrank the Unicorn Fragments West Sep-? '87 10 iss, last iss IHAC Comics; first regular comic book run for Frank
xFuture Beat Oasis Comics Jul-? 2 iss
xGambit Oracle Comics Sep-Nov 2 iss; one more w/ Eternity 1988
xGantar: The Last Nabu Target Dec-Apr '87 3 iss, 7 advertised
xG.I. Jackrabbits Excalibur Publ. Dec 1 iss?
xGeriatric Gangrene Jujitsu Gerbils Planet X Productions ?-? 3 iss? Parody
xGiant-Size Mini Comics Eclipse Aug-Feb '87 Reprints of ind, self-pub works.
xThe Gift: The History of the Statue of Liberty Blackthorne May graphic novel
xGizmo Mirage Feb-Jul '87 6 iss; 2nd series
xGnatrat: The Dark Gnat Returns New Sirius Productions (Prelude Graphics)< Apr?One-shot parody; "sequel" by Dimension
xGore Shriek FantaCo Jan-'91 11 iss, 1 Ann, 1 squarebound reprint
xGrips Silverwolf Sep-Dec '864 iss—cont. in '89, Greater Mercury Comics Action
Grips Premiere Silver Wolf Aug 1 iss; printed & distributed a month before reg iss, cover $9.95
xGround Zero Alternate Concepts ? 1 iss
xHamster Vice BlackthorneJun-Sep '87Wolph in 1 iss spin-off
xHappy Birthday Gnatrat Dimension Graphics Apr 1 iss parody
xHeroman Dimension Graphics Oct 1 iss
xHey, Boss! Visionary Graphics ? Bruce Springsteen parody
xHow To Draw Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Solson Publications ? 1 iss? Reprinted?
xHoward Cruse's Barefootz The Comix Book Stories Renegade Press Mar 1 iss; reprints from Comix Book '74
xIcarus Aircel Publ. ?-? 6 iss
xIn-Country Nam Survival Art Press Jan?-Apr? 4 iss. First two have alternate covers/pricing
xIt's Science with Dr. Radium Slave Labor Graphics Sep-Mar(?) '86 7 iss & 1 special '89, and a few later versions
xJanx ES Graphics ?-? 2 iss? Mag size. Spot red color in #1
xJax and the Hell Hound Blackthorne Publ. Nov-Mar? 3 iss.
xJerry Iger's Golden Features Blackthorne Publishing Dec-Feb/Jan '87? 6 iss 1930-40s reprints
xJontar Mature Magic Feb-Jun '87? 4 iss. Sequel in '90, Miller Publ.
xKaptain Keen Vortex Comics Dec-Feb '88 6 iss
Kerry Drake Blackthorne May-Jul '87 5 iss collected reprints, 72pgs ea
xLabor Force Blackthorne Sep-Aug '87 8 iss
xThe Last Generation Black Tie Studios ?-? 5 iss printed of 18 iss story
xLeonardo Mirage Publishing Dec One-shot
xThe L.I.F.E. Brigade Blue Comet Comics ?-? 2 iss then title changed to The New L.I.F.E. Brigade for one more iss
Little Nemo in Slumberland Blackthorne May-Aug? 2 iss; small trade pb 72 pgs; 1 3-D iss in '87
Lloyd Llewellyn Fantagraphics Apr-Jun '87 6 iss, w/ occassional one-offs
xL.T. Caper Spotlight Comics ? 1 iss; includes Stern Wheeler reprints
xMad Dog Magazine Blackthorne Nov-Mar '87 3 iss
xManimal Renegade Press Jan? 1 iss?
xThe Man of Rust Blackthorne Nov 1 iss; has variant cover
xThe March Hare Lodestone ? One-shot; Reprint in '98 by A List
Mary Worth Blackthorne Nov Squarebound Book 1 (1 iss; reprints?)
xMaxwell Mouse Follies Renegade Press ?6 iss; third series
xMessiah Pinnacle Comics ?-? 2 iss (2nd iss sometimes referred to as Aftermath
xThe Miami Mice Comic Rip Off Press Apr-'87 #3 has var. cover; 4 iss.
xMicra Comics Interview Nov-Spring '88 6 iss
xMidnite (The Rebel Skunk) Blackthorne Mar-Nov '87 3 iss
xThe Midnite Skulker Target Comics Jun-Aug '87 7 iss
xThe Midnite Skulker: The Comic Strip Target Comics Jun? special edition strips reprint
xThe Mighty Mites Eternity / Continüm Oct-'93? 11 iss? 2 var covers for Eternity #2;
xMike Turville's Chuck Chicken & Bruin Bear Jabberwocky Graphix ? 1 iss; strip format
xMildly Microwaved Pre-Pubescent Kung-Fu Gophers Just Imagine Graphics Jul 1 iss? Just Imagine's Special #1
xMiracle Squad Upshot Graphics/Fantagraphics ?-? '87 4 iss; only #3 & 4 are b&w; next series in '89
xMiss Ma'am's Intergalactic Fried Chicken and Super Hero Club Star-Shepherd Ltd. Sep 1 iss
xMr. Doom Pied Piper Comics Jul 1 iss
xMurder Renegade Press Aug-Oct 3 iss; prev Ditko's World
xNaive Interdimensional Commando Koalas ICG Oct 1 iss; distributed by Eclipse
xNazrat Imperial 1-4/Eternity Comics 5-6 Nov-Jun '87 one-man book? Jerry Frazee
xNerve Nerve Publications Sep-Sep '87 8 iss
xNew England Gothic Visigoth Studios Dec-? 2 iss
~New Hero Comics Red Spade Graphics ? 1 iss
xNight Life Strawberry Jam Comics Sep-Nov '91 8 iss; #8 published by Caliber Press
xNightStreets Arrow Comics Jul-Dec
xNinja High School Antarctic Press / Eternity ?-Aug '09 Sporadic over the years
xNinjutsu Solson Publ. ?-? 2 iss; Learn ninjutsu!
xNull Patrol Escape Velocity Press ?-? 2 iss
xOil Man ("Living Oil") ? ? 1 iss?
Omaha the Cat Dancer, reboot Kitchen Sink Press Oct-Jun '941 & 2 reprint the SteelDragon series, then go on w/ original work
xOne-Shot Parody Issue Milky Way Graphics ? 1 iss; "Xmen" parody cover
xOpen Season Renegade Press / Strawberry Jam Dec-Jul '89 7 iss, #7 at Strawberry Jam Comics (CAN)
xOracle Presents Oracle Comics Jun?-Aug 2 iss; #1 is reprint of Omnibus' Oracle 1978
xParticle Dreams Fantagraphics Oct-Nov '87 6 iss;bi-mo; mature
xPhase 1 Victory Productions Mar?-May '87 5 iss
xThe Phony Pages Renegade Press May-Jun '86 2 part mini-series (skewered history of comics?)
Pied Piper Graphic Album Pied Piper Comics Dec?-? 2 iss; #2 not published; #1 color, #2 b&w
xP.J. Warlock Eclipse Nov-Mar '87 3 iss
xPork Knight: This Little Piggy Silver Snail Jul? One-shot parody
xPortia Prinz of the Glamazons Eclipse Dec-Oct '87 6 iss
xPre-Teen Dirty-Gene Kung-Fu Kangaroos Blackthorne Aug-?Jan'87 3 iss?
xPrime Slime Tales Mirage Studios / Now Comics ?-Jan '87 4 iss, Mirage 1-2, Now 3-4
xThe Protectors New York Comics ?-? 2 iss; Solson printed #1 and distro
xPryderi Terra (mag) Fantasy West Publ. ? 1 iss?
xThe Puma Blues Aardvark One / Self / Mirage Jun-? '89 23 iss, and 2 collected tpb from Mirage w/ included mini-comic
Pure Images (vol. 2) Pure Imagination ? 1 iss fan mag; vol 1 in '75, vol 3 in '90
xThe Quadro Gang Nonsense Unlimited / Firecracker Comics ?-? 2 iss, #1 at Nonsense, #2 Firecracker
xRalph Snart Adventures Now Comics Jun-Aug 3 iss; new series in Nov & all-color series in '88
xRalph Snart Adventures vol 2 Now Comics Nov-Jul '87 9 iss, 1-7 are B&W; vol3 color in '88
xReagan's Raiders Solson Publ. Oct-? '87 3 iss; Pres. Reagan parody
xThe Realm Arrow Comics / Caliber / WeeBee(Mar)-'91Altogether, there were 21 iss before Vol2 was attempted in '93
xRedfox Harrier / Valkyrie Press Jan-Jun '89 20 iss; 1-10 Harrier, 11-20 Valkyrie
xRenegade Rabbit Printed Matter Dec-Sep? '87 5 iss
xRevolving Doors Blackthorne Oct-Feb '87 3 iss
x(Rich Buckler's) Secrets of Drawing Comics Solson Publ. #1 / Showcase Publ. #2-#4 ?-? 4 iss?
xRion 2990 Rion / Nuclear Age Comix Jun/Summer 2 iss; was to be a 4-iss ltd series
xRip In Time Fantagor Press ?-? '87 5 iss ltd series
xRoachmill Blackthorne Dec-Oct '87 6 iss; goes to Dark Horse for 10 iss
xRobin Red and the Lutins A.C.E. Comics Nov-Apr '87 2 iss
xRockheads Solson - Lubert ? 1 iss?
xThe Rubes Revue Fragments West Nov 1 iss, squarebound
xThe Saga of Elf Face Exeter Entrance Studios ?-? 3 iss (#1, 5700 print run)
xSamurai Aircel & Nightwynd Jan-Nov '87 vol 2 after Malibu (buys Aircel), '88
xSamurai Funnies Solson Publ. Summer - Summer '87 2 iss; Satire
xSamurai Penguin Slave Labor Graphics Jun-May '89 8 iss; was to go color, but sales dropped
xSamurai Squirrel Spotlight Comics Sep?-? '87 2 iss; 10 iss plotted?
xSecret Doors Dimension Graphics Mar? 1 iss; Marcus Lusk parody
xShadow of the Groundhog Saga Publishing ? 1 iss; mature readers
xShadowlord / Triune Jet City Graphics Winter 1 iss; two separate titles in one book
xSide Show Comics Mature Magic Publications Jun?-? 3 iss?
xThe Silent Invasion Renegade Press Apr-Mar '88 12 iss; collected by NBM
Silver Wolf Bulletin Special Silver Wolf Feb 1 iss; reprints mini-stories from reg Bulletins #2-6
xSold-Out FantaCo Enterprises ?-? '87 2 iss; comic book boom satire
xSolson Christmas Special (Samurai Santa) Solson Publ. Dec One-shot; Samurai Santa
xSolson's Comic Talent Star Search Solson Publications ?-? 2 iss; Reprinted?
xSpace Beaver Ten-Buck Comics Oct-Apr '89 11 iss; reprinted with conclusion in 2000
Starhead Presents Starhead Comix ?-? 3 iss?
xThe Starjongleur Trylvertrell Autumn-Winter'87 2 iss
xStark: Future Aircel Aug-Dec '87 17 iss
xStech SilverWolf Dec 1 iss
xSteel Pulse True Fiction Publications Spring-Summer? '89 4 iss
xStern Wheeler Spotlight Comics ? 1 iss; reprints dailies
xSteve Roper and Chief Wahoo Blackthorne Nov-Apr '87 2 iss strip collection, part of Comic-Strip Preserves series
xStrata Renegade Press Jan-Feb '87 5 iss
xStreet Wolf Blackthorne Jul-Dec 3 iss ltd. series, VertigoCity Productions
xThe Survivors Prelude Graphics (New Sirius) Oct-Nov 2 iss. Goes to Burnside's #1, '87; Illustration, '89
xT-Bird Chronicles M.E. Comix (McNeil) Oct-? 2 iss
xTales from the Stone Troll Cafe Planet X Comics ? 1 iss
Tales of the Green Beret Blackthorne ?-Nov 3 iss reprints, part of Blackthorne's Comic-Strip Preserves
xTales of the Jackalope Blackthorne Feb-Aug 7 iss; Jackalope's 1st app in '82
xTales of the Sun Runners Sirius Comics 1-2 / Amazing Publ. #3 Jul-Feb? '87 3 iss?
xTammas Pandemonium Press Dec 1 iss
Tarzan Blackthorne Mar-Nov 4 iss reprints; Blackthorne's Comic-Strip Preserves
xTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Authorized Training Manual Solson Publications ?-? '87? 6 iss
Terry and the PiratesFlying Buttress (NBM) Apr?-Sep? '92 19 iss, comic strip dalies and Sundays
xTex Benson Metro Comics ?-? '87 4 iss mini-series; another 4 iss series in '90 by Ray Zone
xThieves' World Graphics Starblaze Graphics ?1 iss; collected iss 1-3 of Thieves' World (1985)
xThorr-Sverd, The Sword of Thor Vincent Creations ?-? '87 3 iss
xThreat! Fantagraphics Jun-Sep '87 10 iss anthology
xThunderMace R.A.K. Graphics Mar-Mar '90 7 iss; later collected in softcover?
xTigers of Terra: Families of Altered Wars Mind Visions / Antarctic Press Nov-Jul '93 1st 10 iss w/ Mind Visions, next 2 end run w/ Antarctic Press. New series continues off-and-on there
xTime Twisted Tales Rip Off Press 1 iss?
xTrollords Tru Studios Feb-Feb '88 15 iss + one Special @ Tru; 6 more at Apple '89-91; Comico did a color version
Turtlemania Special Metropolis Publishing ? 1 iss, 3 var; ltd. print run, includes TMNT art, previews, & info
xTwisted Tantrums of the Purple Snit Blackthorne Oct-Dec 2 iss
Ultra Klutz Onward Comics Jun-May '91 31 iss
xUndie Dog / Undiedog Halley's Comics ? One-shot? Underdog parody; 2 covers
xUnicorn Isle WaRP Graphics / Apple Comics Oct-May '87 5 iss; planned 12 iss series
xThe Unicorn Kings KZ Comics Dec 1 iss; Creator Holly Zewalk was in high school.
xVault of Doomnation B-Movie Comics ? 1 iss
Video-isms Amazing Publishing ?-? 1 iss? Never published?
xVisions Illustrated Fantasy General ? 1 iss?
xWarlock 5 Aircel Nov-Jan '90 22 iss Book 1; 7 iss Book II
xWashmen New York Comics Dec 1 iss; parody
xWhat is...the Face? A.C.E. Comics Dec-Feb? '87 3 iss?
xWild Things Metro Comics ?-? '87 3 iss; mostly reprints; mature readers
xThe Wizard of Time David Publishing House Apr-Dec 3 iss
World of Wood Eclipse May-Feb 89 5 iss; #5 b&w; orig 4 iss ltd series
xThe Wrong Comic Design Press Oct-? 2 iss, magazine sized
xYummy Fur Vortex Comics 1-24/Drawn & Quarterly 25-32 Dec-Jan '94 Standard-Sized; reprints Chester Brown then new; Diamond declined dist. for a while
xZell, Sworddancer Thoughts and Images Jul 1 iss
x2X Justice Graphic Serials Apr? 1 iss?
xThe 3-D Zone 3-D Zone Feb '87-? '90 20 iss; mostly reprints converted to 3-D by Ray Zone
xACE Comics Presents A.C.E. Comics May-Nov 4 iss; Anthology, reprints, retrospectives
xA.C.T.I.O.N. Force Lightning Comics Jan? 1 iss?
Adventure in Moscow American Friends Service Committee ? 1 iss
xThe Adventurers Book II Adventure Dec-Mar '89 7 iss
xThe Adventures of Chuk the Barbaric White Wolf Publishing Jul-Aug 2 iss
xThe Adventures of Luther Arkwright Valkyrie/Dark Horse Oct-Jan '89Had a graphic novel in '82.
xThe Adventures of Slate Skate Hot Shot Comix Jan1 iss
xAffable Tales for Your Imagination Lee Roy Brown Jan 1 iss
xAgent Unknown Renegade Press Oct-Apr '88 3 iss
xAir Fighters Classics Eclipse Nov '87-May '89Eclipse Graphic Novel series; 1 Origin, 2-7 GA reprints
xAlien Fire Kitchen Sink Press Jan-Jul 4 iss incl. preview; GN in '95
Alpha Wave Darkline Publications Mar 1 iss
xAmazing Comics Premieres Amazing Publishing Feb?-Aug 5 iss
The Amazing Cynicalman Eclipse Jun One-shot? 1st "big" publication
xThe American Dark Horse Jul '87-'89
xAnimism Centurian Graphics Jan 1 iss
xThe AniverseWeeBee ComicsOct-Dec2nd app after Arrow's Tales of the Aniverse (1985)
xArea 88Viz Comics English language reprint
xAristocratic Xtraterrestrial Time-Traveling Thieves Comics Interview Feb-Dec '88 12 iss; collected later in '88
xBarney the Invisible Turtle Amazing Comics ? 1 iss?
xBathing Machine C&T Graphics Aug-Jan '88 3 iss
xBattleforce Blackthorne Nov-Feb '882 iss. #1 in color, #2 in B&W; game tie-in
xBattletech Blackthorne Oct-Dec '886 iss; #1 in color, rest in B&W; based on game; annual in '89?
xBattle to the Death Imperial / Eternity Comics Mar-Jan '883 iss; Imperial #1 (Eternity logo on inside cover), Eternity the rest
xThe Beast Warriors of Shaolin Pied Piper Comics Jul-? 3 iss
xBella Donna Pinnacle Comics ? 1 iss; was to be published at Silverwolf; second iss advertised but never printed
xThe Betty Pages Pure Imagination (Black Cat Books) Fall?-? '93 9 iss & 2 ann; Mature; Remembrances, photos and art; 1-3 & Ann 1-2 reprinted
xBig Edsel Band A.C.E. Comics Sep 1 iss?
xThe Bird Entertainment Publishing Jul 1 iss; TE Comics
xBlade of Shuriken Eternity May-Jan '88 5 iss; 1st series by Victory
xBlip and the C.C.A.D.S Amazing Publ. ?-Aug 2 iss?
xBlood of Dracula Apple Comics Nov-'91?
xBlood Lines Aircel, 1/Blackburn Video and Comics 2-3/Vortex Comics 4-7 Mature Readers; many printers
xBones Malibu Graphics Aug-Nov 4 iss
xThe Book of Night Dark Horse Jul-Oct 1-3; Epic Ill. reprints; mature
xBorderguard Eternity Nov-Mar '88 2 iss
xBrain-Glo PSI Comics ? 1 iss
xBrik Hauss Blackthorne Jul 1 iss; unconfirmed B&W
xBug Planet X Prod. ? 1 iss?
xBullet Crow, Fowl of Fortune Eclipse Mar 2 iss series, collects from the The Comic Reader too
xThe Cabbie Catalan Communications ? one-shot graphic novel
xCalifornia Girls Eclipse Jun w/ color paper dolls
xCarnage Eternity ? 1 iss
xCecil Kunkle Darkline Comics / Renegade Press ?-? '88 3 iss; #3 distr by Renegade; 2nd series
xThe Chronicles of Panda Khan Abacus Press Feb-Aug 4 iss mini-series; Panda Khan Special in '90; possbile cartoon in 2023
xCode Name Ninja Solson Publ. ? 1 iss?
xCollection Eternity ? 1 iss
xThe Comic Book Art Series Silver Wolf Feb-Mar 2 iss?
xThe Conan Saga Marvel May reprints Conan in mag format, from '70s
xConcrete Dark Horse Mar-Nov '88 own series after Dark Horse Presents
xConqueror Special Harrier Comics 1 iss
xContractors Eclipse Jun funny animals!
xCorban the Barbearian M.E. Comix (McNeil) Apr-Jun 2 iss; Cerebus spoof?
xCorbo Sword In Stone Feb 1 iss
xCreepy Tales Pinnacle ? 1 iss?
xCrime-Smasher Special Edition Blue Comet ? 1 iss; don't know why it's special edition
xThe Crypt Aaaargh! Comics Winter Special Edition also created.
xCryptic Tales Showcase Publications Nov? Just 1 iss.
xCybercom: Heart of the Blue Mesa Matrix Graphic Series Dec 1 iss
xCyberhawks Pyramid Productions Sep-Oct 2 iss?
xCzar Chasm C&T Graphics ? 1 iss
xDaemon Mask Amazing Comics Nov One-shot; printed by Pied Piper?
xDaikazu Ground Zero Comics Mar-Feb '90 8 iss; #1 reprinted for Monsters RPG in '90
xDamlog Pyramid Productions Aug?-? 1? iss of a 5 iss series
Dangerworld StingRay Comics Nov-? 3 iss
xDanse Blackthorne Feb One-shot?
xDarerat / Tadpole Mighty Pumpkin Feb one-shot flipbook
Dark Adventures Darkline Publications ?-Sep 4 iss; Possibly started in '86?
xDark Assassin Silver Wolf Feb? 1 iss; Greater Mercury would print 9 iss '89-'91
xDark Comics Imperial Jan? 1 iss?
xDark Regions White Wolf Publishing Feb-May 3 iss
xDark Wolf Malibu Jul-Oct '87 4 iss '87; new series in '88, Eternity
xDarkside Darkline Publications ? 1 iss
xDeadface Harrier Comics Apr-oct '88 8 iss; later 'Bacchus'
xDeadtime Stories New Comics Group Oct/Nov? 1 iss; publisher ceased after
xDeath Hunt Eternity Jun 1 iss
xDeath's Head Crystal Publications December 1 iss
xDelirium Metro Comics ? 1 iss
xDelta Tenn Entertainment Publishing / Big City Comics Feb?-'89 10 iss; completed run w/ Big City Comics (Self-pub?)
xThe Demon Warrior Eastern Comics Jun/Aug?-Oct '88 11 iss, early Korean Manhwa title
xDetectives, Inc.: A Terror of Dying Dreams Eclipse Jun-Dec B&W & Sepia
xDick Tracy: The Early Years Blackthorne Aug-'89 reprint
xDick Tracy: The "Unprinted" Stories Blackthorne Sep-Jun '88 4 iss, first-time collected reprints
xDirectory of a Nonexistent Universe Independent Comics Group Jan/Dec? 1 iss; info from creator
xDoc Weird's Thrill Book Pure Imagination ?-? '88 3 iss, sci-fi reprints; #1 has a cover printing variant
xDomino Chance: Roach Extraordinaire Amazing (Publishing) Intended as ltd. 3 iss series; Character from 1982
xDragon Comics Interview Publications Aug-Aug 4 iss ltd series, weekly; collected in Graphic Album same year
xDream Weaver Robert Lankford Aug-? '89 3 iss
xDuckbots Blackthorne Feb-Apr 2 iss
Ed "Big Daddy" Roth's Rat Fink Comix Starhead Comix ? 1 iss?
xEdge SilverWolf Feb-Mar 2 iss; comes back with Greater Mercury Comics in '89
xEddy Current Mad Dog Graphics Jul-Dec '88 12 iss series
xEl Salvador: A House Divided Mother of Ashes Press ? True events; Reprinted by Eclipse in '89
xElf Warrior Adventure Publications / Quadrant Feb-May? '88 4 iss: 4th printed by Quadrant Publ.
xElf-Thing Eclipse Mar One-shot; parody
xElflord: The Black and White Compilation Aircel ? One-shot; collects first six Aircel issues
xElfQuest: Siege at Blue Mountain Apple Comics Mar-Dec '88 8 iss series; vol 2
xElite Presents Elite Comics Jan? 1 iss; some color
xEnchanted Valley Blackthorne May-Jun 2 iss
xEnchanter Eclipse / Express Press Apr-'93 3 of 8 iss mini pub. by Eclipse, reprint by Express + #4 only
xEric Preston is The Flame B- Movie Comics Oct 1 iss
xEscape to the Stars Solson ? 1 iss; same title from '84
xEx-Mutants Eternity 1, 6-7 / Amazing Publ. 2-5 / Pied Piper Comics 6-8Spring-Dec 10 iss in this series; Pied Piper was the printer for Amazing's run
xEx-Mutants: The Special Edition Amazing Publ. Spring Reprint of Eternity's Ex-Mutants #1
x(Lawrence & Lim's) Ex-Mutants Microseries: Erin Pied Piper Comics 1 iss?
xFaith of the Foe Fandom House Mar? 1 iss; part 3 of the Fire Shrine Trilogy
xFantastic Adventures A.C.E. Comics Jul-Sep/Oct? 3 iss; Anthology, retrospective
xFantastic Fables Silver Wolf Feb-Mar #2's cover says Heart of Darkness due to a cover art change; iss is very rare 'cause the printer wasn't paid
xFemforce: Out of the Asylum AC Aug 1 iss
xFigments Blackthorne Jan-? 2 iss
xThe Final Cycle: Part 1 Dragon's Teeth Jul-Dec 4 iss; mini-series
xThe Final Man C&T Graphics Oct 1 iss
xFirst Six-Pack First Comics Jul-Nov 2 iss; previews
Floyd Farland Eclipse Comics ? 1 iss
xFlyin' Ralph Red Spade Graphics ? 1 iss
xThe Forbidden Kingdom Eastern Comics Nov-Oct '88 8 iss, Korean Manga, translated for US publication
xFreak-Out on Infant Earths Blackthorne Jan?-Feb? 2 iss spoof
xFrench Ice Renegade Press Mar-Apr '88 13 iss
xFriends Renegade Press May-Aug 3 iss
xFusion Eclipse Jan-Sep '89 17 iss
xGaijin Matrix Graphic Series Feb/Mar 1 iss? Canada; another 1 iss at Caliber in '90
xThe Gajit Gang Amazing Publ. ? 1 iss?
xGambit and Associates Eclectic Press ?-? '88 3 iss; was at Hot Comics as Johnny Gambit
xGatekeeper Gatekeeper Publishing ?-? '88 2 iss; ea iss came w/ an rpg
xGeriatricman C&T Graphics Dec 1 iss; mag-sized
xGet Lost (vol. 2) New Comics Group Oct-Jul '89 3 iss; reprints/continuation of original 1954 series
xG.I. Mutants Eternity May-Jan?'88 4 iss
xGodzilla, King of the Monsters Special Dark Horse Comics Aug 1 iss
xGolden Dragon Synchronicity Comics Oct 1 iss
xGood Girls Fantagraphics Apr-'91 trailed-off printing
xGoon Patrol Pinnacle Comics ? 1 iss
xGreat American Western AC Comics ?-'01 6 iss; first iss color, the rest mixed; some photos and story reprints
xGreat Stuff Pied Piper Comics ? 1 iss?; Pied Piper preview/catalog; cover art of Adventures Made In America
Grunts Mirage Studios Nov one iss
xGuerrilla Groundhog Eclipse Jan-Mar? 2 iss
xGuillotine: The Root Ronin Silverwolf Feb 1 iss?
xGyro Comics Rip Off Press ?-? '88 3 iss; covers had different names, starting with 'gyro': Gyro Force, Gyrotropolis, Gyrobotics
Hap HazardFandom House Summer 1 iss; there were 3 iss from Phantasy Press in '83 or '84, unsure if widely available
xHero Sandwich Slave Labor Graphics Feb-May '92 9 iss?
xHeroes of Rock 'n Fire Wonder Comix Apr-Aug 2 iss
xHeroic Lightning Publications Jan? 1 iss
xHoliday Out Renegade Press Mar-May 3 iss.
xHonko the Clown C&T Graphics Nov 1 iss
xHonor Among Thieves Gateway Graphics Feb?-Aug? 2 iss; cover dates either Feb or Mar, & Apr or Aug
How to Draw G.I. Joe Blackthorne Nov-Feb '88 3 iss
xHow to Publish Comics Solson Publications ? One-shot; Bizarre lesson with the publisher
xThe Human Powerhouse Pure Imagination ? One-shot? Includes a reprint
xHunters (Special) Archer Comics Aug? 1 iss; was to be a ltd series
xIcon Devil Spider Optics (CA) Jan-Apr 2 iss; 2 more 7/89, vol2
xInternational Fallout Shelter Zone KHB Sep-Mar '88 4 iss; I.F.S. Zone on the cover
xIlluminatus Eye-N-Apple / Rip Off Press Jul-Apr? '91 1st iss self-published at E-N-A, then republished + 2 more iss at Rip Off
xInfinity Graphics Presents Infinity Graphics Jun 1 iss
xInvisoworld Eternity Jun 1 iss
xIron Saga's Anthology Iron Saga Productions Jan-Mar 2 iss
xJ.A.P.A.N. Outerealm Comix ? 1 iss
xJack Frost Amazing Publ. Mar?-May? 2 iss?
xJim Fantagraphics Sep-Oct '90 4 iss; Starts with reprints from Prime Cuts
xJoe Dinosaur-Head Nobody's Home Productions Aug-Mar '88 2 iss; #3 appears on flipside of Zombie Boy's Hoodoo Tales (Back-To-Back Horror Special)
xJohnny Gambit Hot Comics Apr 1 iss; ~cont. at Eclectic as Gambit and Associates
xJudo Joe A.C.E. Comics Oct 1 iss? Retrospective
xJust Twisted Necromics ? 1 iss
xKafka Renegade Press Apr-Sep 6 iss
xKamikaze Cat Pied Piper Comics Jul 1 iss?
xKeith Laumer's Retief Mad Dog Graphics Apr-Mar '88 6 iss, adapted from '60s story; a second run in '88; Several short runs & one-shots later at Malibu
xKen Steacy's Summer Rerun Vortex Comics ?
xKendra: Legacy of the Blood Perrydog Press Feb-Apr/May 2 iss
xKilgore Renegade Press Nov-May '88 4 iss; 2 iss reborn at Special Studio in '91
xKobier and Oso Gebhart ? 1 iss
xKomodo and the Defiants Victory Productions May-Julone-man show?; kung fu dinos
xThe Last Super Hero Victor Comics ? 1 iss
xLaunch! Elsewhere Productions 1 iss
xThe Legend of KamuiEclipse / Viz May-Nov '88Bi-wk; English reprint
xThe Legends of Elfinwild Wehner Publishing ? 1 iss; was to be bi-mo
xLegion of Stupid-Heroes Blackthorne ? 1 iss
xLegion X-1 Silver Wolf Feb-Mar 2 iss; vol 2 in '89, related w/ Legion X-2
xLegions of Ludicrous Heroes C&T Graphics Dec 1 iss
xLejentia Opus Graphics ?-? '91 3 iss; printed in conjunction with similarly titled role-playing game; 1-2 off-color, #3 b&w and titled Ælves of Lejentia
xLibby Ellis Malibu / Eternity Jul-Oct 4 iss; Eternity reboot '88
xThe Liberator Malibu / Eternity Dec-Dec '88 6 iss
xLibra Eternity Apr 1 iss
xLittle Ronzo in Slumberland Slave Labor ? one-off; ICPA
xLone Wolf and CubFirst May-Apr? '91English language reprint; reprinted in 2000 by Dark Horse
xLove Fantasy Renegade Press May
xLugh, Lord of Light Flagship Comics Feb-Sep3 iss
Lunatic Binge Eternity Oct 1 iss; second iss at Triad in color
xMaelstrom Aircel Jul-Jun '88 11 iss
xMai, the Psychic GirlViz Comics English reprint
xThe Majcans P.S. Productions Fall/Sep 1 iss
xMan-Frog Mad Dog Graphics Jul-Oct 2 iss
xThe Man from U.N.C.L.E. Entertainment Publishing Jan-late Sep or Oct 11 iss
Marionette Raven Graphics ?-? 3 iss
xThe Mark Dark Horse Sep-Jan '89 6 iss; b&w starts at iss #3
xMatt Champion Metro Comics ? 1 iss; was to be four iss
xMax the Magnificent Slave Labor Graphics Jul 1 iss
xMechthings Renegade Press Jul-Feb '88 4 iss
xMenagerie Chrome Tiger Comics Nov-Feb '88 2 iss
xMighty Heroes Spotlight Comics ? 1 iss
xMighty Mouse Adventure Magazine Spotlight Comics ? 1 iss
xMightyguy C&T Graphics May-Jan '88 5 iss
xMissing Link Gator Graphix ?-? 2 iss
xMr. Cream Puff Blackthorne May 1 iss
xMr. Doom Pied Piper Comics Jul 1 iss? Editorial about new Pied Piper (after Amazing Comics)
xMoonstruck White Wolf Publishing May 1 iss
xMorphs GraphXPress Apr-Sep '88 4 iss
xMorty the Dog Starhead Comix Mar ?-? 2 iss
xMyron Moose Funnies Fantagraphics Apr-Nov Reprint of 1971/1973 issues; 3 iss
xMyth Conceptions Apple Comics Nov-Jan '89 8 iss; Sequel to Myth Adventures 1980?
xMythos Wonder Comix Jan-Aug 3 iss
xNear To Now Fandom House / Sputnik Press Summer-Aug '15 5 iss antho; last iss in color, self-published?
xNeomen Slave Labor Oct?-? '88 2 iss
xThe New Humans Eternity / Pied Piper Jul-Aug '89 Ex-Mutants spin-off; 3 iss from Pied Piper during Eternity run?
xNight Brigade Wonder Comix Aug 1 iss
Night Master SilverWolf Feb-?
xNightwolf Entropy Enterprises ?Jul-?Aug 2 iss
xNinja Eternity Comics Oct-Sep '88 12 iss? also a 'Special'
xNinja Bots Super Special Pied Piper ? 1 iss?
xNinja Elite Adventure Publications ?-Aug '88 8 iss
xNinja Funnies Eternity Comics Jan-Nov 5iss
xNinja High School Antarctic Press / Eternity ?-'94 ends with Antarctic; Yearbook (Annual) ends in 2008
xNo Ninja Man Custom Pic Comics ? one-shot? 2 printings
xNomads of Antiquity M.E. Comix (McNeil) Jan-Nov 5 iss
xOf Myths and Men Blackthorne Publ Jan-Mar two iss
xThe Official How to Draw Robotech Blackthorne Feb-Mar? '88 14 iss
The Official How To Draw Transformers Blackthorne Sep-Mar '88 4 iss
Omega (, Tim Vigil's) Rebel Studios / Northstar? Aug 1 iss?
xOmicron: Astonishing Adventures on Other Worlds Pyramid Productions Jul?-Oct? 2 iss?
xThe Others Cormac Publishing ? 1 iss
xPellestar Eternity Sep-Dec 2 iss
xPenguin & Pencilguin Fragments West / IHAC Comics Jan-Mar '94 8 iss
xPeter Risk Monster Masher M.E. Comix (McNeil) Mar-Nov 3 iss
xPhantasy Against Hunger Tiger Comics Sep 1 iss
xPhigments Amazing / Pied Piper ?-Aug 2 iss?
xPirate Corps Eternity Jul-Feb '88Pirate Corp$ 3 & 4 were b&w; later by Slave Labor
xPort Silverwolf Feb-Mar 2 iss
xPossibleman Blackthorne Jan-Apr 2 iss
xPrime Cuts Fantagraphics Jan-Dec '88 10 iss anthology; R. Crumb
xProbe Imperial / Eternity Feb-Jun 3 iss; #3 published by Eternity
xProtoculture Addicts Ianus / Protoculture Fall / Nov- ongoing; first official iss came out Spring '88; goes color at #88
xQuest for Dreams Lost Literacy Volunteers of Chicago ? One-off benefit book
xRadio Boy Eclipse Mar 1 iss
xRamm Megaton Comics ? - Sep '87 3 iss, 0-2
xReacto Man B-Movie Comics Feb-? 3 iss
xRenegade Romance Renegade Press Jun-? '88 2 iss anthology
xThe Renegades Age of Heroes Comics Jan?-Jul? 3 iss; 5 iss were planned
xRetrograde Eternity Nov-Jun '88 3 iss
xReturn of the Skyman ACE Comics ? 1 iss; reprint from '40s
xRivit Blackthorne Feb 1 iss
Robocop (mag) Marvel Comics Oct 1 iss; movie adaptation
xRobot Comics Renegade Press Jun One-shot
xRockola Mirage ? 1 iss
xRoller Coasters Special Edition Blue Comet ? 1 iss
xRoscoe! The Dawg, Ace Detective Renegade Press Jul-Jan '88 4 iss
xRottweiler August Comics ? 1 iss
xThe Rovers Malibu / Eternity Sep-May? '88 7 iss
xRuck Bud Webster and His Screeching Commandos Pyramid Productions ? 1 iss
Sam & Max Freelance Police Special Edition Fishwrap Productions ? 1 iss; printed also by Comico, Marvel, Marlow & Co., and Telltale
xSavage Henry Vortex, 1-16/Rip Off Press 17-30 Jan-1993 sporadic, 30 iss
xScarlet in Gaslight Eternity Nov-Jun '88 4 iss
xScout Handbook Eclipse Aug One-shot 'survival' guide
xSerius Bounty Hunter Blackthorne Nov-Mar '88 3 iss.
xShadow Blade Hot Comics ? 1 iss
xShadows from the Grave Renegade Press May-Mar '88 2 iss mini-series
xShanghaied: The Saga of the Black Kite Eternity Jan-May? 3 iss series (?)
xShrike Victory Prod. May 1 iss?
xThe Silver Wolf Comic Book Trivia Comic Book SilverWolf Feb-Apr 3 iss; Yes, comic book trivia. Really.
xThe Silver Wolf Talent Search Silver Wolf FebOne-shot? Is it B&W?
xSilverwing Special Now Comics Jan 1 iss; characters from backup story in Eb'nn
Simon and Kirby Classics (Stuntman) Pure Imagination ? 1 iss; reprints of selective Simon & Kirby work
xSinner Fantagraphics Oct-Sep '90 5 iss; mature readers
Solson Preview Solson Dec 1 iss; some previewed comics never were printed
xSpectrum New Horizons Jul 1 iss
xSplat! Mad Dog Graphics Feb-Aug 3 iss
xSpring Break Comics AC Comics Summer/Mar 1 iss; "Daytona's Own Crabman"
xStanley, the Snake with the Overactive Imagination Emerald Comics ?-? 3 iss
xStar Rangers Adventure Publications Oct-Feb '88 4 iss
xStar Wars 3-D Blackthorne Dec-'88 3 iss; set between ep IV and V
xStarlight Eternity Oct 1 iss
xStarstone Aircel Publishing Oct?-Dec? 3 iss
xStephen Darklord, the Survivor R.A.K. Graphics Jan-Apr '88? 3 iss
xStormbringer August Comics Apr-Oct 3 iss (#1, 5k print run); for mature readers
xSuburban High Life Slave Labor Graphics Jun-Oct 3 iss, 1st iss two prints; vol. 2 in '88; mature
xSulton CA Comics ?-? 2 iss; planned as 4 iss mini-series
xSultry Teenage Super Foxes Solson Publications ?-? 2 iss
xSun Runners Christmas Special Amazing Publ. ? One-Shot
xThe Survivors Burnside Comics Dec From Prelude Graphics; End of first story.
xSystem Seven (7) Arrow Comics Feb-Dec 3 iss
xTales From the Heart Entropy Enterprises / Slave Labor ?-May '9411 iss; #3 starts at Slave Labor
xTales of the Crimson Lion Gary Lankford Jul 1 iss
xTalonz Stop Dragon Comics Jan 1 iss
xTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teach Karate Solson Publications ? 1 iss?
xTerror Syndrome Quad Star Comics ? 1 iss, 800 print run
xThieves Silver Wolf Feb-Mar 2 iss; Indicia says 1986, but is actually '87
xT.H.U.N.D.E.R. (Thunder) Solson Publ. ? 1 iss?; futuristic version of T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents ('81)
xThose Crazy Peckers U.S. Comics / Solson Feb 1 iss; Anthro
Transit Vortex Apr-Mar '88 6 iss series, only 5 printed before Vortex folded; iss 6 pub. in 2008 compendium
xTrekker Dark Horse Comics May-Mar '88 6 iss; from in DHP
xTrial Run Mature Magic / Miller Publishing Sep-'93? #2 starts at Miller; 6-14 iss?
xThe Trouble with Girls Malibu / Eternity Aug-Sep '88 14 iss + annual; new series with Comico in '89
xTunesia CA Comics Mar-Jun 4 iss ltd. series
xTurtle Soup Mirage Studios Sep-? 2 iss? Brought back in the '90s
xUnderground Aircel ? 1 iss
xUsagi YojimboFantagraphics / Mirage / Dark HorseJul-38/16/ongoing
xVarmints Blue Comet ? 1 iss; one Special in '90 feat Panda Khan
xThe Verdict Eternity Dec-Jan '89 4 iss
Vic and Blood Mad Dog Graphics Oct-Feb '88 2 iss; based on Harlan Ellison story
xVictim SilverWolf Feb-Mar 2 iss
xVietnam Journal Apple Comics Nov-Apr'91 16 iss + many mini-series
xVital-Man Infinity Graphics Oct 1 iss
xWabbit Wampage Amazing Comics Oct One-shot
xWacky Squirrel Dark Horse Oct-Oct '88 4 iss parody series
xWacky Squirrel Halloween Adventures Special Dark Horse Oct one-shot feat. Mr. Monster
xWacky Squirrel Summer Fun Special Dark Horse Jul one-shot parody from character in Boris the Bear '87
xThe Wandering Stars Fantagraphics Sep 1 iss, then canceled
xWatchcatsHarrierJulyOne-off parody of Watchmen
xWarriors Adventure Publications Nov-Jan '88 5 iss
xWild Think Wild Think Productions Apr 1 iss
xWildman (Comics & Stories) Megaton Comics / Miller Publ. May-Aug '87, '98-'91 Miller picks up w/ #3, '89; 12 iss?
xWizard of 4th Street Dark Horse Comics Dec-Jan '88 2 iss, was planned 6 iss series adaptation of book
xWizards of the Last Resort Blackthorne Jun-Nov 4 iss
xWolph Blackthorne Jul-? 4 iss Hamster Vice spin-off mini-series. Only one issue saw print
xWord Warriors Literacy Volunteers of Chicago ? 1 iss benefit comic
xThe World of X-Ray Pyramid Productions Aug 1 iss
xXenon Viz Comics / Eclipse Dec-Nov '88 23 iss
xXenozoic Tales Kitchen Sink Press Feb-Oct '96 14 iss
xYakuza Eternity Sep-Apr '88 4 iss
xYoung Master New Comics Group Nov-May '89 9 iss; mix of old and new stories; one-shot World of Young Master in '89
Zdin Mature Magic Jul? 1 iss?
Zen, Intergalactic Ninja Zen Comics Nov-? '89 6 iss, #1, 2 & 3 remastered in 2nd series,'89; & NES game!
xZölasträya and the Bard Twilight Twins Productions Jan-Jan '88 5 iss; 2nd series attempted in '89, Goddess
xAces Acme Press, Eclipse Apr-Dec5 iss; a UK reprint anthology
xAnt Boy! SteelDragon Press Jul?-? 2 iss?
xAppleseed Eclipse Sep-Aug '91
xAramis Comics Interview ?-? 3 iss
*Argonauts Eternity Jul-Jun '89 4 iss
Argonauts: System Crash Alpha Productions ?-? 2 iss mini-series
Bacchus Harrier Mar-Aug2 iss; later Dark Horse and others
Basil Wolverton's Gateway to Horror Dark Horse Junone-shot
Basil Wolverton's Planet of Terror Dark Horse Oct one-shot
xBattle Beasts Blackthorne Feb-? #4 in color Hasbro tie-in
xBilly Nguyen, Private Eye Attitude Zone Mar-Oct 3 iss; 1 iss with Caliber in '90
xBlack Cross Special Dark Horse Jan reprints and new art; one-shot
xBlack Kiss Vortex Comics Jun-Jul '89 adult 12-iss-series; marketing headache
xBlackmask Eastern Comics Apr-Jun 3 iss. Black and blue ink
xBloodwing Eternity Jan-Sep? 5 iss
xBloodbrothers Eternity Oct-Apr '89 4 iss; follows Bloodwing
xBoris' Adventure Magazine Nicotat Comics Aug-Nov '96 4 iss; 8 yrs between #1 & 2
xBumbercomix Starhead Comix Summer 1 iss
xBushido Eternity Jul-Feb/Jul '89 4 iss
xCarl and Larry Christmas Special Comics Interview (Fictioneer) ? one-shot
Cases from the Files of Sam Pezzo, P.I. Catalan Communications Feb reprints from Italian strips
xCat & MouseE.F. Graphics / SilverlineDec1st iss is color w/ b&w backup origin; reprinted for '89
xCerebus Bi-Weekly Aardvark-Vanaheim Dec-Nov '89 reprints Cerebus for 26 iss, bi-wk
xChips and Vanilla Kitchen Sink Jun One-shot
xChristmas with Superswine Fantagraphics / Caliber ?-'91 ...Special, Christmas with..., & 2 iss at Caliber
Comic Book Confidential Sphinx Productions ? Free giveaway for the documentary
Continüm Presents Continüm Comics (Continum) Oct-Jun '89 3 iss anthology; character The Dark would get its own series
Cosmic Heroes Eternity/Malibu Graphics Oct-Dec '89 reprints Buck Rogers strips
xCrime Classics Eternity Jul-Nov '89 13 iss
xCritters Special Fantagraphics Jan? Cover says The Adventures of Nilson Groundthumper and Hermy.
Cry for Dawn Cry for Dawn Publ. Dec '89-'92 (b&w? perhaps) expensive
xCycops Comics Interview Publ. ??-?? 3 iss.?
xDark Wolf Eternity Jan-Jun '89 14 iss + Annual, Dec '88; last series with Burcham Studios, '89/'90
Death Hawk Adventure Publications May-Nov 3 iss
xDelta Squadron Anderpol ?-? '89 2 iss?
xDenizens of Deep City Kitchen Sink Dec- '90 8 / 9 iss
xThe Desert Peach Thoughts & Images Oct-? '89 30 iss; #4-25 Mu Press, 26-30 A Fine Line Press
xDick Tracy Special! Blackthorne Jan-Aug strip reprints
xThe Diggers C&T Graphics Jan-? 1 iss? Possibly 2 more at imprint New Voice Comics; duo-tone cover
xDinosaurs For Hire Eternity / Malibu Mar-Jan '90 9 iss + Fall Classic iss; Malibu rebooted in 1993
xDirty Pair Eclipse Dec-Apr '89 manga
xDishman (The Mundane Adventures of...) Eclipse Sepreprints original John MacLeod minis
xDogaroo Blackthorne Mar 1 iss
Dragon of the Valkyr R.A.K. Comics Group May-Apr '89 4 iss
?Dragonforce Aircel May-? '90 13 iss; follows Dragonring v2, reprinting some here
Edgar Allan Poe: The Masque of Red Death Eternity Dec 1 iss; reprints from Skywald's Psycho & Scream
Edgar Allan Poe: The Pit and the Pendulum Eternity Sep 1 iss, reprints 3 Skywald Comics stories from the '70s
xEdgar Allan Poe: The Tell-Tale Heart and Other Stories Eternity Jun 1 iss; reprints from Scream, Psycho, & Nightmare
Elflord Malibu Oct?-Oct? '89 9 iss, follows Aircel series, # starts at 23
xEmpire Eternity Mar-Jul 4 iss
xFantaescape Zinzinnati Animation Studios (ZAP) Jul? 1 iss
xFear Is Hell C&T Graphics ? 1 iss?
xFem Fantastique AC Comics (Jul) 1 iss; resurrected good-girl-art title
xThe Fist of God Eternity May-Nov/Jan '89? 4 iss
xFright Eternity Comics Jul-Jul?'89 12 iss; reprints of '70s Skywald stories
xJake Thrash Aircel Publ. ?-? 3 iss mini-series, #3 not published? Collected in Malibu reprint?
?The Further Adventures of Nyoka the Jungle Girl AC Comics Sep-? '05 7 iss reprints & new material; 3-5 b&w
xGambit Eternity Sep 1 iss; cont. from Oracle 1986
xGnome Legends Grim Trojan Comics Jan 1 iss; self-published by Steven Moore
xThe Griffin Slave Labor Jul-Apr '89 3 iss
The Holo Brothers: Curse of the Bloated Toad Fantagraphics Feb 1 iss; reprints from Threat; another title in '89
xHoodoo 3-D Zone Nov 1 iss; mature readers
The Independent Comic Book Sampler Geoff Miller Sep 2 iss mini; creators' bios & spot art, adressess to order; 4k print run, ltd. ed.'s available
xInsane Dark Horse Comics Feb-Sep 2 iss; parodies
xItchy Planet Fantagraphics Spring-Fall 3 iss; stories and artwork
Jungle Comics Blackthorne May-Oct 3 iss
xJungle Girls Americomics ?-? '93 16 iss; #3 '92 and on, mostly reprints?
xJusty Viz Comics Dec-Apr '89 Bi-wk; 9 iss
Keif Llama Xeno-Tech Fantagraphics Sep-Feb '89 6 iss
xKiku San Aircel Publ. Nov-Apr '89 6 iss
xKiwanni: Daughter of the Dawn C&T Graphics Feb 1 iss
xLast Kiss Acme Press / Eclipse ? 1 iss graphic novel; some adaptations of classic stories
xLatigo Kid Western Americomics Summer? 1 iss; reworked reprints
xLegend Lore: Tales from the Realm Arrow Comics Mar-?2 iss; reprints?
Macabre Lighthouse Publications Sep-Sep '89 6 iss; 2nd series in '90 for two iss
xMagna-Man: The Last Superhero Comics Interview Publications Summer-? 3 iss
xMelody Kitchen Sink Press May-Nov '95 10 iss? adult
xMissing Beings Special Comics Interview (Fictioneer) ? 1 iss
xMissing Links Mass Productions ? 1 iss
xMoving Fortress 4Winds Publishing Nov 1 iss GN
xMr. Jigsaw Special Ocean Comics Spring/Mar? 1 iss; reprint from Scary Tales ('83)#38; black on blue print
xThe Mystery Man Slave Labor Jul-Nov 2 iss
xThe 'Nam Magazine Marvel Jul-Apr '89 10 iss; ea iss was a B&W reprint of 2 iss of The 'Nam
xNausicaä of the Valley of Wind Viz Comics Nov-Feb '96 Manga reprints; Prestige format, in 'parts'
xNetherworlds Adventure Comics Aug 1 iss (one-off?)
xNew Beginning Unicorn Comics Jul-'90 4 iss
xNew York: Year Zero Eclipse Aug-Oct 4 iss (2 in Aug)
No Business Like Show Business! 3-D Zone ? 1 iss
Northstar Northstar ? 1 iss; feat. Ravage; adult
xThe Official Buz Sawyer Pioneer Aug-Dec 5 iss, comic strip reprints
xThe Official Jungle Jim Pioneer Jun-Oct '89 16 iss & 1 annual; strip reprints
xThe Official Mandrake the Magician Pioneeer Comics Jun-? '89 15 iss, comic strip reprints; continues in various forms
xThe Official Modesty Blaise Pioneer Jul-Feb 89 10 iss, comic strip reprints
The Official Modesty Blaise Annual Pioneer Dec 1 iss, comic strip reprints
xThe Official Prince Valiant Pioneer Jun-? 89 18 iss
xThe Official Prince Valiant Annual Pioneer Winter 1 iss
xThe Official Rip Kirby Pioneer Aug-Jan '89 6 iss, comic strip reprints
xThe Official Secret Agent Pioneer Comics Jun-Dec 7 iss; comic strip reprints, 1969-'71
xOperative: Scorpio Blackthorne ? 1 iss?
xOutlanders Dark Horse: Studio Proteus Dec-Mar '92 US translation of Japanese'85 title? 34 iss
xPatrick Rabbit Fragments West / IHAC ?-'92/'94 16 iss
xPhoenix Restaurant Fandom House (Acme Comics) May 1 iss GN
xPineapple Army Viz Comics Dec 6-Apr 18, '89 10 iss import
xPower Comics Eclipse & Acme Press Mar-Sep 4 iss reprints of Nigerian "Powerman", printed by Acme Press & dist. by Eclipse
xPrivate Eyes Eternity Sep-Dec '89 6 iss; reprints of The Saint dailies of the '50s
xR.O.B.O.T. Battalion 2050 Eclipse Mar 1 iss
xRambo III Blackthorne Publishing Fall One-shot movie adaption
xRed Heat Blackthorne Publishing Aug? 1 iss movie adaption; Blackthorne 3-D #45; Also, reg full-color version available
xRetief of the C.D.T. Mad Dog Graphics ? 1 iss, adapted story?; the second Mad Dog series
Robo Warriors CFW Enterprises Apr-Dec 8 iss; cont. as Tales of the Kung-Fu Warriors
xRobotech II: The SentinelsEternityNov-Apr '9014 iss; some spin-offs & sequel
xRockers Rip Off Press 2 iss
Rough Raiders Blue Comet ?-? 2-3 iss, 1 anniv iss in '90; Yearbook in '94
Saga of the von Erich Warriors Sage Productions ? 1 iss; indicia says copyright is 1988; features a pro-wrestling family
xThe Savage Sword of Mike Fandom House May 1 iss
xSavages Burcham Studio ? 1 iss
Scimidar Eternity / Malibu / Creative Force Jun-1995 Adult book? New volumes were called Books.
xShadow Warrior Gateway Comics ? 1 iss?
xShadowalker Aircel Sep? 1 iss; short comeback in '91
xShuriken Team-Up Eternity Jan 1 iss?
xSolo Ex-Mutants Eternity Comics Jan-Jan '89 6 iss
xSpicy Tales Eternity (Malibu) Sep-Jul 90 anthology; reprints of early '50s stories
xStarbikers Renegade Press Sep 1 iss?
xStarlight Squadron Blackthorne Oct 1 iss
Steve Ditko's Static Robin Snyder Sep 1 iss
xStickboy Revolutionary Comics/Fantagraphics Oct-'95 very sporadic, 7 iss.
xStreet Music Fantagraphics Dec-Aug '90 6 iss
Suburban High Life, vol. 2 Slave Labor May? 1 iss; magazine-size
xSuburban Nightmares Renegade Press Jul-Aug four iss; later collected by NBM
xT-Minus-1 Renegade Press Sep 1 iss
Taboo SpiderBaby Grafix Fall-'92 6 iss + Taboo Especial, 2 more iss at Kitchen Press in '95
xTale of Mya Rom, The Aircel ? 1 iss?
xTales of the Ninja Warriors CFW Enterprises Apr-Nov? '89 16 iss; mag then comic size
xTeykwa Gemstone Comics Oct 1 iss
~The Tick New England Comics (Press) Jun-May '93 several reprints of 1-12 iss! 13 iss, sporadic
xTom Mix Western Americomics ?-? '89 2 iss; strip reprints and photos; also a 'Holiday Album' in '90
xTony Bravado, Trouble-Shooter Renegade Press / Special Studio Aug-Mar '89? 5 iss; #1 at Renegade Press, the rest at Special Studio
xTracker Blackthorne Publishing May-Jul 2 iss; planned 4 iss series
xTrickster King Monkey Eastern Comics ?-Jun? 2 iss
xThe True North Comic Legends Legal Defense Fund ?-? '91 2 iss; anthology to raise money and awareness for bookstore Comic Legends
xTrypto the Acid Dog Renegade Press Summer 1 iss; appears later in A1 and DHP
xThe Twilight Avenger Eternity Jul-Feb '90 8 iss? First series in color at Elite Comics, '86. One-off in '90. GN in 2014?
xUntouchables Eastern Comics ?-? 4 iss weekly
xVampyres Eternity Sep?-Jul '89 4 iss; '70s reprints
Victims Eternity Aug-Feb? '89 5 iss; reprint from Scream
xWarlocks Aircel Sep?-Apr '90 12 iss; 1 special ed in '89 reprints+ #1
xWar of the Worlds Eternity ?-? '90 6 iss
xWaxwork Blackthorne Publishing Nov Movie adaptation; 3-D version also printed
xWeird Romance Eclipse Feb One-shot; three reprints from early '50s
xWerewolf Blackthorne Jul-May '89 ?color? 5 iss based on Fox show
xThe Wild Eastern Comics Oct?-Nov? 2 iss Korean translation
xWild Knights: The Shattered Earth Chronicles Eternity Mar-Jun? '89 10 iss; Post-apacolyptic WWIII
xXanadu Thoughts & Images Jun-Nov 5 iss ltd series
xX-Thieves Graphic Album Comics Interview ?-? '89 4 vol collected Aristocratic Xtraterrestrial Time-Traveling Thieves
Yahoo Fantagraphics Oct-Aug '92 6 iss; adult rated
Yin Fei, the Chinese Ninja Leung / Dr. Leung's Comics ?-? '90 8 iss; only first two iss are b&w
Zombie Boy Timbuktu Graphix Mar 1 iss; next app. Back-To-Back Horror Special, twice more in '90s, & webcomic
xThe Adventurers Book III Adventure Oct-Mar '90 6 iss
Alvar Mayor 4Winds Publishing Mar 1 iss GN
xAmazon Warriors AC Comics ? 1 iss; reprints from Golden Age
Amerikan Primitive 3-D Zone ? 1 iss
Aragones 3-D 3-D Zone ? 1 iss; 3-D
xAstonish! Wehner ? 1 iss; more issues planned
xAsylum New Comics Group ?-? 2 iss
Attu 4Winds Publi Nov-Jul 2 iss GN; hardcover exists
xBadaxe Adventure Comics (Malibu) Oct-Dec 3 iss
Baker Street Caliber Comics Mar-Feb '91 10 iss
xBanyon of the High Fortress Miller Publ. ?-? 2 iss
xBaoh Viz Dec-Jul '90 8 iss
xBattle Axe Comics Interview ? 1 iss, anthology, mostly original
xBeach Party Eternity Aug One-shot anthology
xBeautiful Stories for Ugly Children Piranha Press (DC) 1989-'91 mature
xThe Bells of Kongur Kona Press ? 1 iss
xBeyond Mars Blackthorne Jan-May 5 iss; reprints orig Sunday newsstrips; also had two tpb in '87
xBlack Phantom AC Comics ?-'90 #2 color; reprints & new art; 3 iss
xBlazing Western AC Comics ? 2nd iss in 2000; reprints from late '40s and early '50s
xBlite Fantagraphics May one-shot
xThe Blue Bulleteer AC Comics one-shot
xBob Powell's Timeless Tales Eclipse Mar one-shot
"Bob's" Favorite Comics Rip Off Press ??-??
xA Caliber Christmas Caliber Dec 1 iss; another in 1998
Caliber Presents Caliber Jan 1st iss includes first The Crow; 2nd iss Deadworld
xCaptain Cult Hammac Publications #1/Alpha Productions #2 just a name change for the publ.? (printed in Maine?)
xCaptain Harlock Eternity Comics {Malibu?} Oct-Apr '91
xA Case of Blind Fear Eternity Jan-Nov 4 iss Sherlock Holmes series; collected later
xCharlie Chan Eternity (Malibu) Mar?-Aug? Comic strip reprints
xCheerleaders from Hell Caliber Press Jul? One-shot
Cheval Noir Dark Horse Aug Int'l anthology, some reprints
xChina Sea Aircel ? 1 iss GN
xChiron Alpha Prod / Hammac ?-? 4 iss; Hammac changed its name to Alpha during production
xClassic Punisher Marvel Dec reprints, deluxe format
xCliffhanger Comics AC Comics ?-? 2 iss; reprints and photo serials; 2nd series in '90
xClonezone Special Dark Horse / First
xComics Express Eclipse; Comics Interview Nov comic strip reprints, 26 iss.
xComics In the Classroom Smithsonian ? One-off; by M. Thomas Inge
xComics Interview Presents Southern Knights Special Fictioneer Spring 1 iss; interviews with creators & character datasheets
xConcrete: A New Life Dark Horse reprints plus new art
xConcrete, Land And Sea Dark Horse reprints iss 1 & 2
xCosmic Steller Rebellers Hammac Publications -'90 4 iss (not "Stellar")
The Crow Caliber Feb-#4
xCrying Freeman Viz Comics Oct-May '90 8 iss
xCurse of the She-Cat AC ?Feb 1 iss, followed by mini-series
xCyber 7 Eclipse Mar-Sep 7 iss; was to be 5 vol
Cyber 7: Book Two Eclipse Oct-Nov '90 10 iss; last volume
xCylinderhead Slave Labor Graphics ?-?
xDangerous Times Evolution Comics ?-? 6 iss
xDark Assassin Greater Mercury Comics Jul-May '91 9 iss; #8-9 add character Chance to title; title and characters from Silver Wolf
xDark Wolf Burcham Studios ?-? 2 iss "ashcan"; from writer/penciller of previous series; possibly '90 debut?
The Deadliest Creature on Earth...Man Nicotat Feb 1 iss
xDemon Blade New Comics Group Sep 1 iss
xDemon Hunter Aircel Publ. Mar-Jun 4 iss
xThe Destroyer (mag) Marvel Nov-Jun '90 Based on Remo Williams
xDirty Pair II Eclipse Jun-Mar '90
Ditko Package Robin Snyder and Steve Ditko Dec? 1 iss, continues in Ditko Public Service Package '90
xDober-Man Burcham Studio ? 1 iss
xDominion Eclipse Dec-Jul'90 6 iss ltd series; Masamune Shirow import
Downtime 4Winds Publishing Aug One-shot Graphic Novel
Dragonforce Chronicles Aircel Mar-Aug 5 iss; reprints of '86 Dragonring series
Edgar Allan Poe: The Black Cat and Other Stories Eternity Mar 1 iss; reprints from Scream & Nightmare
Edgar Allan Poe: Murders in the Rue Morgue Eternity Mar? 1 iss; reprints from Skywald Comics
xEdge Greater Mercury Comics Jun-Mar '91 11 iss; Kris Silver brings back after Silver Wolf folded
Edge Premiere Greater Mercury Comics Jun 1 iss; same story as Edge (1989), smaller size, B&W cover
Eightball Fantagraphics Aug-2004 23 issue anthology
xEmpire Lanes, vol. 2 Keyline (Comico) Dec 1 iss; another iss printed as Book 1 in 1990
xEradicators Greater Mercury Sep-Dec '90 6 iss
xEternal Thirst Hammac / Alpha Productions ?-'90? 5 iss; Hammac changed to Alpha at #2; there is a #0 in '93 by Polyventura
xEvolution of the Mind (, Robert Kraus) R.A.K. Graphics May one-shot "sketch book"
xEx-Mutants Winter Special #1 Eternity Comics
xThe Eye of Mongombo Fantagraphics Jul-Dec '91 7 iss; Indiana Jones parody
xFaust Northstar / Rebel ?-present? 6 iss & special @ Northstar, reprinted & ongoing w/ Rebel
xFemforce in the House of Horror AC Comics ? one-shot
xFrankenstein Eternity Mar-Aug 3 iss
xFred and Bianca Censorship Sucks Special Comics Interview ? one-shot; spin-off from Xtraterrestial Aristocratic X-Thieves
xFred and Bianca Mother's Day Special Comics Interview ? one-shot
xFred and Bianca Valentine's Day Special Comics Interview ? one-shot
xFreddy Krueger's A Nightmare on Elm Street Marvel Oct-Nov 2 iss 'Dreamstalkers'
xFrost Caliber ? One iss, w/ follow-ups
xFugitive Caliber Press Oct? One-shot
Futurama Slave Labor Graphics Apr-Aug 3 iss
xGhouls Eternity Comics ? 1 iss?
xGiant Size Official Prince Valiant Pioneer Comics ? 1 iss
xGizmo and the Fugitoid Mirage Jun-Jul
xGoddess, Untold Tales of Zölasträya Twilight Twins Productions Mar 1 iss; a second series for Zölasträya
Graphique Musique Slave Labor Graphics Dec-May '90 3 iss
Greater Mercury Comics Action Greater Mercury ?-Mar '91 5 iss; picks up from Grips #4, Silver Wolf
xGrips (vol 2) Greater Mercury Comics Aug-Mar '92 12 iss reboot from '86; there is a special ltd. edition cover (2.5k print)
xGrips' Adventures Greater Mercury Comics May-Mar '918 iss tie-in
xGrootlore Fantagraphic Books Mar-Apr 2 iss; 3 iss in '91 series
xGun Fury Aircel Jan-Oct 10 iss; 2nd series in'90
xHeadless Horseman Eternity Dec?-Jan '90? 2 iss
xHell for Leather Komik Arkyves ? 1 iss?
xHellstalker Rebel Creations ?-? 2 iss?
xHepcats Double Diamond May-Jul '94 Sporadic printing; 12 iss
xThe Holo Brothers: Angst for the Memories Fantagraphics Apr 1 iss; origin story; a series starts in '91
xHorror, The Illustrated Book of Fears Northstar Jun-Feb '90 2 iss
xHorse Slave Labor Sep 1 iss printed of a 3 iss ltd. series
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Marvel Aug Semi-GN of movie; immediately reprinted in 4 iss color series
xJack Hunter Blackthorne ?-? 3 iss; Timeline Color 1 iss in '87
xJack of Nines Kidgang Comics ? 1 iss?
?The Jam Slave Labor Nov-? '91 5 iss, then to Dark Horse, Caliber. From 1-off Matrix Graphic, then Comico color iss
xJunior Carrot Patrol Dark Horse May-Nov '90 2 iss
xKafka: The Execution Fantagraphics Oct 1 iss, Franz Kafka adaptations
xKendar the Creon Warrior Alpha Productions ? 1 iss
The King Size Official Mandrake Pioneer ? 1 iss, comic strip reprints
xKirby, King of the Serials Blackthorne Publ. Jan 1 iss only of a 9 iss series?
xLance Stanton Hammac ? 1 iss; character appears next as Wayward Warrior
xLeather & Lace Aircel Jul-Aug '91? 25 iss? Mostly Adult title, w/ 'G' alternates
xLegion X-1 Greater Mercury Comics Aug-Dec '90 6 iss, Silver's reboot; simultaneous with Legion X-2
xLegion X-2 Greater Mercury Comics Aug-May '91 8 iss; #7, 8 covers both say Mar
xLum Viz Comics May-Dec 8 iss (ltd series?)
xMartian Summers Thumbprint Productions Jan 1 iss
xThe Master New Comics Group Jul-Sep 2 iss
xMaxwell Madd and His Wrestling Women Outside Comics Dec?-? '91? 3 iss
xMayhem Dark Horse May-Sep 4 iss; anthology w/ The Mask, Mecha, & The Mark
xMegaton Man Meets The Uncategorizable X-Thems Kitchen Sink Press Apr 1 shot; previously appeared in color '84-'86
xMetal Men of Mars & Other Improbable Tales Slave Labor ? 1 iss; incl reprint or B-Movie Presents #2
xMighty Tiny Antartic Press Dec-Sep '90 5 iss series, collected in 2005
xMiracle Squad: Blood and Dust, The Apple Press Jan-Jun 4 iss mini-series; had a 4 iss run for Upshot/Fantagraphics in '86
xMister X Vortex Comics Apr-Jul '91 vol2—1st series was in color; 3rd series by Caliber '96
xMonster Frat House Eternity Oct one-shot
xMoontrap Caliber Mar movie adaptation
xMr. Fixitt Apple Comics Jan-Mar'90 2 iss
xNeil and Buzz in Space and Time Fantagraphics Apr 1 iss
xNeo Excalibur ? 1 iss?
xNew Frontiers Evolution Comics ?-? 2 iss
xThe New Power Stars Tami Comics / Blue Comet ? 1 iss
xNightveil's Cauldron of Horror AC (AmeriComics) ?-? '91 Spin-off from color Nightveil title; 3 iss
Ninja High School Yearbook / Annual Antarctic Press Sep-Oct '05 14 iss, published yearly
Northguard Caliber ? TPB collects Canadian prints from Matrix New Triumph, featuring Northguard
xNorthguard: The ManDes Conclusion Caliber Press ?-? 3 iss; 2nd appearance—previously by Matrix Graphics and StarRider
xNosferatu Dark Horse ? one-off; French import
The Official Mandrake Annual Pioneer ? 1 iss
(The Official) Mandrake (Deluxe) Pioneer ?-? 4 iss deluxe size; B&W covers, strip reprints
(The Official) Mandrake Monthly Pioneer ?-? 4 iss; b&w covers, strip reprints
xThe Official Prince Valiant King Size Pioneer Comics Apr 1 iss
xThe Official Prince Valiant Monthly Pioneer ?-? 8 iss
xOmega Elite Blackthorne ? 1 iss
xOmen Northstar ?-Jul? 3 iss; #1 reprinted
xOmni Man Lighthouse Sep 1 iss
Out of This World Eternity ? 1 iss
Out of This World ,(Strange Tales That Are...) Robin Snyder Jun? 1 iss?; GA Steve Ditko reprints
The Phantom Pioneer ?-? 5 iss, mostly early '80s Sunday strip reprints
xThe Power of Strong Man AC ? reprints from ME Comics
xThe Presto Kid AC ? 1 iss? reprints Dick Ayers art
xProgeny Caliber Press March one-shote squarebound
xRambo Blackthorne Publishing Feb One-shot movie adaptation
Red Shetland GraphXPress Aug-'97? 11 iss
xRelentless Pursuit Slave Labor Jan-? 4 iss; Nez Perce war
xRetief Adventure Comics Dec? 1 iss; imprint of Malibu; adapted from '70s story
xRipper Aircel Nov-Apr '90 6 iss
xRobin Hood Eternity Aug-Apr '90 4 iss
xRobotech II: The Sentinels, The Malcontent Uprisings Eternity Aug-Dec '90 12 iss
xRobotech II: Wedding Special Eternity Apr-May 2 iss
Rock 'N' Roll Comics Revolutionary Comics Jul-Nov '9363 iss, numbering goes to 65; 8 & 63 not printed; Rock 'N' Roll Comics Magazine started in '90, reprinting popular artists/bands
xRocky Lane Western AC Comics ? reprints Fawcett/Charlton; issue #2 in 2000
Roy Rogers Western Classics AC Comics ?-? 5 iss; reprints? (likely); adds Magazine to title w/ #4
xRumic World Viz ?-? 2 iss
xSalimba (Deluxe Graphic Novel) Blackthorne ? B&W squarebound reprint from Blackthorne 3-D '86 series #6 & 9
Secret of San Saba Kitchen Sink ? Graphic Novel
xShadowland Fantagraphics Books Oct & Dec two-shot, mature (low-brow)
xShe-Cat Americomics Jun?-'94 5 iss; backup story reprints; 5yrs between #4 & 5; two printings of #5
Sherlock Holmes Casebook Eternity Mar 2 iss; reprints from New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, 1961
Shred CFW Enterprises Mar-Nov 8 iss
xShuriken: Cold Steel Eternity Jul-Dec 6 iss
xSilverfawn Caliber Press ? 1 iss, spin-off from The Realm; reprint w/ added pps '93
xSinbad Adventure Comics Nov-Mar '90 4 iss series; 2nd series in '91
Slave Girl (Comics) Eternity Mar 1 iss; '40s reprints
xThe Snake Special Studio (Diamond Press) Dec 1 iss; adult
xSpacehawk Dark Horse Comics ?-Jan '93 5 iss; reprints Target Comics stories w/ new stories
xSpam Hammac / Alpha ?-? 2 iss; Hammac then Alpha—same publisher
xStargators Burcham Studio ? 1 iss
Steve Ditko's Static Chapters... Robin Snyder Jul-? 2 iss? Reprints Charlton work
xSteven Kitchen Sink Dec?-'96? 8 iss; later with graphic novels
xStinz Fantagraphics / Brave New Words Aug-Jun '90 features characters from The Dreamery
xStormwatcher Eclipse w/ Acme Press Apr-Dec 4 iss ltd series
xStraw Men All American Comics Oct-May? '90 8 iss; Innovation appears on #4
xStreet Heroes 2005 Eternity Jan-Mar 3 iss
xStreet Poet Ray Blackthorne / Marvel Spring-'90 2 iss? Then 4 more at Marvel
xStrips Rip Off Press / White Buffaloe Press Nov-1991/1997 total 12 iss; remove?
xSubterra 4Winds Publi Jul One-shot GN
Survivors Graphic Novel Illustration Studio Aug 1 iss, reprints
Tales of the Kung-Fu Warriors CFW Enterprises Jan-Dec 6 iss, #s 1 and 10-14; cont. from Robo Warriors
xTales Too Terrible To Tell New England Comics Winter-Jul/Aug '93 Anthology of mostly classic reprints; 9 iss
xTeam Nippon Aircel Jun-Dec 7 iss
xThrilling Science Tales Americomics / AC ?-? '90 2 iss; reprints of 1950s tales; color & B&W
xThun'Da, King of the Congo AC Comics ? 1 iss; GA reprints
xThunderskull!, Sidney Mellon's Slave Labor Graphics Aug 1 iss
xThe Timejump War Apple Comics Oct-Dec 3 iss
xTipper Gore's Comics and Stories Revolutionary Comics Oct-Jul '905 iss
xTo Die For Blackthorne Publishing Spring One-shot movie adaptation; blue and red cover versions, and 3-D
xTommy and the Monsters New Comics Group Aug? 1 iss
xTrollords Apple Press Jul-Sep '91 2nd series after Tru Studios in '86; new versions in '95 by Tru, & '96 from Caliber
xThe Trouble with Girls, vol II Comico / Eternity Feb-Jul '91 23 iss, first four at Comico in color, cont. at Eternity; sporadic iss afterwards
Twice Told Tales of Unsupervised Existence Rip Off Press reprints? 1 iss?
xThe Uncensored Mouse Eternity Apr 1-Apr 14 Mickey Mouse 'copyright lapse' strips; 2 iss
xUnsupervised Existence Fantagraphics Oct-May '92 7 iss
xThe Untold Origin of Ms. Victory AC ? 1 iss; no color this time
Vegas Knights Pioneer ? 1 iss ACTUALLY COLOR
xVox Apple Comics Jun-Jul '90 6 iss; ashcan for #1 in '88
xThe Walking Dead Aircel Sep-Dec Not THAT comic! 4 iss mini; one-shot in '90
xWarworld! Dark Horse Feb nn one-shot
xWayward Warrior Hammac ?-? 4 iss; changes to Alpha Productions at #2; Lance Stanton vehicle
xThe Weasel Patrol Eclipse Apr one-shot; GN in 2009
xWaffen SS Survival Art Press ?-? 2 iss
Water Merchant McNeil Entrepeneurs ?-? ?
Werewolf at Large Eternity Jun-Oct 3 iss
xWild Bill Pecos Americomics ? One-shot; reprints 'The Westerner Comics'
xWilderness 4Winds Publishing Group Dec-May '90 2 iss GN; Avalon reprint in '99
Witch Eternity Jan 1 iss; reprinted from Psycho mag.
xWorld of Young Master New Comics Group Mar one-shot?
xYarn Man Kitchen Sink Press Oct One-shot, Don Simpson parody of The Thing
xYoung Hero AC Comics Dec-? 2 iss; reprints from Daredevil 1941 Gleason Publications
xYuppies From Hell Marvel ? Graphic novel one-shot
Zen, Intergalactic Ninja Zen ?-? '90 4 iss; reprints of 1st series, #1-4 new art, #2-3 new artists; about 21 more series or specials follow
xZombie Boy's Hoodoo Tales (Back-To-Back Horror Special) Timbuktu Graphix Nov 1 iss; 2nd app. of Zombie Boy; flipbook w/ Joe Dinosaur-Head #3
Zomoid Illustories 3-D Zone ? 1 iss; includes some reprints from original Zomoid Illustories (1982)
Zorann: Star-Warrior! Blue Comet ? 1 iss; reprint(?) in '94


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GA = Golden Age of Comic Books, ~1938 - ~1956
SA = Silver Age of Comic Books, ~1956 - ~1970
BA = Bronze Age of Comic Books, 1970 - 1985
MA = Modern Age of Comic Books, 1985 - present
CA = Copper Age of Comic Books, alternative to Modern Age, or more relevant to the present.

GN = Graphic Novel
iss = issue(s)