Albedo, Anthropomorphics.

Created by Steve Gallacci, and published by his Thoughts & Images company, this was the first successful "furry" book of the '80s, and one of the first to make it onto the speculative market. It became even hotter once issue two hit the racks—Usagi Yojimbo made his first appearance then, and is still selling well as a solo character.

Anyway, the reason for creating this page is to help discern between the different printings of issue 0, which can be mind boggling.

# Cover Print Date Notes
01st print ASummer 1983"White cover", yellow drawing table, 4-color process, .50 cents. 50 copies. The pre-issue of the regular series, a technique prevalant in the late Bronze Age.
01st print BSummer 1983"White cover", no yellow (registration problems), 3-color. .50 cents, 450 copies.
01st print CSummer 1983"Blue cover", known as the reverse cover, hinting to the original idea of a prototype. Still, no yellow. $1.50, 500 copies.
02nd print DFall 1983, or 1985?Official second print, of the "Blue cover". Indicia says second print. No cover price. 1000 copies.
03rd print EJul 3, 1986?Third print of the "Blue cover". Address updated. No cover price. 1000 copies printed.
04th print FDec 4, 1986The most prolific issue, it is a reprint of the four-color "White cover", with added pages. Gossy cover, price is $1.00 in a red circle.
11st print AJun 1984"Dark Red cover", five-color process. 500 issues.
12nd print BSep 1984"Bright Red cover", done in four-color. 1500 issues, and revised indicia.

And that's it for odd prints and reprints, of the original anthology. From what is available, #2 had 2000 prints, #3 10,000, and #4 6000. #2 was where Usagi Yojimbo first appears, yet amazingly, there was never a second print.