Eighties Black and White Comic Book Publishers (US)


List of comic book publishers and presses that put out black & white comics during the heydays of the '80s. Most did nothing but b&w, some dabbled in color, and a rare few had one or two non-color titles. It was atypical for any to survive the decade, let alone make it into the 21st century.

Most of the publishers listed are/were US based. Any significant titles of which the publisher is outside of the USA, have been listed here also.





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Publisher Country Years Active Titles Notes
The 3-D ZoneUSA 1987-1993? Hoodoo; The 3-D Zone notable for turning comic art into 3-D comics
3D Cosmic PublicationsUSA 1978-1982 Battle for a Three Dimensional World; Fun with Basky and Robin Parent company was 3D Video Corporation
4Winds PublishingUSA
A.C.E. Comics (ACE (Ace?))
A-PlusCAN 1987-1991 Sword In Stone imprint, mostly French Language titles in the '80s; reprinted original ACG and Charlton titles in the '90s; a Roger Broughton publishing company, later gets folded into his Charlton Media Group
Aaaargh! Comics
Aardvark One (Aardvark-Vanaheim)
Aardvark-VanaheimCAN Cerebus; Flaming Carrot
Abacus PressUSA 1987-1990? The Chronicles of Panda Khan
AC ComicsUSA 1983- Amazon Warriors, Femforce, AC Comics
Aced ComicsUSA 1986 The Foton Effect
Acme Comics Group (ACG)USA 1980-1994 Acme Comics;
Acme Press
Action Comics
Adventure ComicsUSA 1987?-1989 Became an imprint of Malibu in Oct 1989
Adventure Publications (↑same)USA 1987?-1989 Became an imprint of Malibu in Oct 1989
Age of HeroesUSA 1987 The Renegades Publisher letter in The Renegades #3 mentions not getting paid by distributors.
Aircel Publ
Ajax ComicsUSA 1982-1985 Graphic Fantasy, Prism Self-publishing company of Erik Larsen, Al Harris, & Kevin Keyes.
All American ComicsUSA 1989?-1993? Straw Men Most productive in 1990
Alpha ProductionsUSA ~1989-1995 Cosmic Steller Rebellers, Eternal Thirst, Lance Stanton Hammac's new name in 1989
Alternate ConceptsUSA ?-? Ground Zero
Amazing Comics
Amazing Publications (↑same?)
Amazing Publishing
American Friends Service CommitteeUSA 1987 Adventure In Moscow AFSC founded in 1917, published one comic book for their cause
AmeriComicsUSA 1980?-1983 Femforce Founded by Bill Black, from Paragon; shortened name to AC Comics in '83
Anderpol ComicsUSA 1988-'89? Delta Squadron
Antarctic Press Mangazine, Mighty Tiny, Ninja High School
Apple Comics / Press
Archer ComicsUSA 1987 Hunters Special
Army Surplus Komikz
Arrow ComicsUSA
Astral Comics
Attitude Zone
August ComicsUSA 1987 Rottweiler; Stormbringer
B-Movie ComicsUSA 1986-'87 B-Movie Presents, Reacto Man
BAM ProductionsUSA 1985-'87 Adam and Eve A.D.
The Beanworld Press
Black Tie Studios
Blackburn Video and Comics
Blackthorne Publishing
Blue Comet Comics
Brave New Words
Bruce Quast
Burcham Studio Dark Wolf; Dober-Man; Stargators
Burnside ComicsUSA 1987 The Survivors comic shop-turned-publisher, one issue
C&T Graphics PublicationsUSA 1985-'87+ Bathing Machine, Mighty Guy Started with minis
CA ComicsUSA 1987 The Foton Effect; Sulton; Tunesia took over Foton Effect from Aced
Caliber Comics
Cadillac Comics
Canis Publications
Capital Comics
Cassette Book Co.
Catalan Communications
Centurian GraphicsUSA 1987 Animism
CFW EnterprisesUSA 1988-1989 Robo Warriors
Chance Entertainment
Chester Brown (Tortured Canoe)
Chicago TribuneUSA ?-1983? Dick Tracy Dailies and Sundays, Terry and the Pirates comic strip dailies and Sunday reprints
Chrome Tiger Comics 1987-88 Menagerie
Coda Publishing
Comic Legends Legal Defense FundCAN 1988-1991 The True North; The True North II Created to help comic book store Comic Legends cover legal defense fees
ComicoUSA 1982- Comico Primer; Elementals; Mage
Comics ConsortiumUSA 1982 Four-Fisted Tales
Comics Interview PublicationsUSA 1983-1995? Comics Interview, Southern Knights An imprint of Fictioneer Books
Continüm / Continum ComicsUSA 1988-1994 Continüm Presents; The Dark Changed business name to August House, Inc. in 1994, ceased all business in 1995.
Creative Force
Crimson ProductionsUSA Crimson Dreams
Crowquill Comics
Cry for Dawn Publications
Crystal PublicationsUSA 1986-88 Death's Head; Eagle; Skrog
Custom Pic Comics
CXUSA 1983 Don Rosa's Comics and Stories, Love and Rockets Fantagraphics company/imprint
Dark Horse Comics
Darkline PublicationsUSA 1986?-87 Cecil Kunkle; Dark Adventures
David BoswellCAN
David Publishing House
Deep Sea
Dimension Graphics
Double Diamond
Dragon's Teeth
Drawn & Quarterly
E.F. Graphics Cat and Mouse
Eastern Comics
Eclectic PressUSA 1987-88 Gambit and Associates; Japanimation/Anime Journal
Eclipse EnterprisesUSA
Elite ComicsUSA 1986-87 Elite Presents Some full-color comics, too
Elsewhere ProductionsUSA 1985-87Kyra; Launch!
Emerald Comics 1987 Stanley the Snake with the Overactive Imagination
Entertainment PublishingUSA The Man from U.N.C.L.E., Delta Tenn aka TE Comic (That's Entertainment)
Entropy EnterprisesUSA 1986-87 Entropy Tales, Nightwolf, Tales From the Heart
Escape Velocity PressUSA 1986-87? Escape Velocity, Null Patrol
Eternity Comics (became? Malibu imprint)
Evolution ComicsUSA 1989-? Dangerous Times, New Frontiers
Excalibur Publ
Exeter Entrance StudiosUSA 1986 The Saga of Elf Face
Express Press
Fandom HouseUSA 1986/87-? Near to Now; Phoenix Restaurant an imprint of Acme Comics Group
FantaCo EnterprisesUSA 1980-1998? Alien Encounters; Hembeck Series
Fantagor Press
Fantasy Book EnterprisesUSA 1981-87 Fantasy Book
Fantasy General Comics
Fantasy West Publ
Firecracker ComicsUSA 1986? The Quadro Gang Published Quadro Gang #2
First Comics
Fishwrap Productions The Fish Police
Flagship ComicsUSA 1987? Lugh Lord of Light
Forever Entertainment
Fragments WestUSA 1975?-1994? Adventures of a Modern Day Unicorn Phil Yeh owner. Notable for "Frank the Unicorn" titles
FrontiersUSA 1986? Frontiers 85 Crusaders, Frontiers 86 Presents Frontline Combat(?)
GalaxyUSA 1984-? Bloody Bones and Blackeyed Peas
Gary LankfordUSA 1987 Tales of the Crimson Lion his 1 title was also worked on by Debi Lankford
Gatekeeper Publishing
Gateway Comics
Gateway Graphics (↑ same?)
Gator GraphixUSA 1986-1987? Missing Link
GebhartUSA Kobier and Oso Brad Gebhart
Gemstone ComicsUSA 1988-? Teykwa May not be the same publisher that prints comic book price guides
George R. Reid PublicationsUSA 1983 Nightslayer
Graphic SerialsUSA 1985-? Time Out of Mind, 2x Justice
Graphik Publikations
GraphXPressUSA 1986-96? Equine the Uncivilized, Morphs, Red Shetland
Grazing Dinosaur PressUSA 1983 Tales of the Dinosaur Writers and artists as self-publishers
Greater Mercury ComicsUSA 1988-1993 Eradicators; Grips Adventure Picked up titles and characters after Silver Wolf was sold, Kris Silver Editor/writer
Grim Trojan ComicsUSA 1988 Gnome Legends self-publisher Steven Moore
Ground Zero ComicsUSA 1987-2003 Daikazu published several titles in the '90s
Guild Publications
Gulf ComicsUSA 1983-1984? Aftermath
Halley's Comics
Hammac PublicationsUSA 1987-1989 Changed name to Alpha Productions in 1989
Hernandez (, Jamie?)
Heroic Fantasy Publ
Hot ComicsUSA 1986-87 Johnny Gambit, Shadow Blade
Hot Shot ComixUSA 1987-? The Adventures of Slate Skate
Howski StudiosUSA 1976?-1985? Rock Horror; Temple Snare Mostly printed minis
ICG / Independent Comics Group
IHAC Comics International Humor Advisory Council; Picked up Fragment West's titles in ~1989
ImperialUSA 1985-'87 Blackstar, Nazrat, Probe By 1987, most titles went to Eternity
Infinity Graphics Bob Hickey ran press. Last working name Knight Press
Invasion ComicsUSA 1986-1987 The Adventures of B.O.C.
Iron Saga ProductionsUSA 1987 Iron Saga's Anthology
Jabberwocky GraphixUSA 1976-1995 Chuck Chicken and Bruin Bear, Our Story Thus Far mostly printed adult oriented titles, and mini-comics
James Reade
Jet City GraphicsUSA 1986 Shadowlord / Triune
John C. Productions / JC / JCPUSA 1981-'83? THUNDER Agents (1981), Basically Strange
Just Imagine GraphicsUSA 1982-1986 Just Imagine Comics and Stories, Mildly Microwaved Pre-Pubescent Kung-Fu Gophers
KeylineUSA 1989-1990 Empire Lanes imprint of Comico
KHB ProductionsUSA 1987-88 International Fallout Shelter Zone Self-publisher Ken Branch?
Kidgang Comics
Killian BarracksCAN?
Kitchen Sink Press
Klutzian Komidy KauseUSA 1981 Ultra Klutz Jeff Nicholson, publisher
Komik ArkyvesUSA 1989 Hell for Leather
Kona PressUSA 1989-? The Bells of Kongur
Krause Publications
KZ Comics
Lankford ComicsUSA 1987-88? Dream Weaver Robert Lankford, publisher
Last GaspUSA 1970- Zap! Mostly underground comics, some current events and reprints
Lee Roy Brown / LRBUSA 1987 Affable Tales for Your Imagination self publisher
Leung (Dr. Leung's Comics/Publications)USA 1988-90? Yin Fei, the Chinese Ninja mostly color productions
Lighthouse PublicationsCAN? 1988-92 Macabre, Omni Man Originally called Necromics. Last imprint, Undead Graphics
Lightning ComicsUSA 1987-97? A.C.T.I.O.N. Force, Heroic
Literacy Volunteers of ChicagoUSA 1987-95? Quest for Dreams Lost, Word Warriors
M.E. Comix (McNeil Enterprises)USA 1986-'87 Corban the Barbearian, Peter Risk Monster Masher,
MA Comics ?
Mad Dog Graphics
Madison ComicsUSA 1984-'85? Black Atlas, Power Stars
Malibu Graphics
MarvelUSA 1961- Bizarre Adventures, Classic Punisher, The Conan Saga, The Destroyer, Savage Tales Not known for B&W
Mass ProductionsUSA 1988 Missing Links
Matrix Graphic Series
Mature Magic Publications 1986-87? Jontar, Side Show Comics, Zdin
McNeil Entrepeneurs
ME / Magnum Entertainment ProductsCAN 1980-1989? Comic Strip Illustrated imprint of Quality Comic Art Productions
Megaton ComicsUSA 1981-1987 Megaton; Wildman; RAMM
Metro ComicsUSA 1986-1987? Tex Benson; Wild Things
Metropolis PublishingUSA 1986? Turtlemania Special editor and publisher Robert Wilson
Micro-Comics Paul Curtis
Milky Way Graphics
Miller Publishing
Mind Visions
Mirage Publishing
Mirage Studios / Mirage
Mother of Ashes Press
NecromicsUSA? 1987 Just Twisted Changed name to Lighthouse Publications
Nerve Publications
The Nevada City Publishing Co.
New Comics Group (NCG)USA 1987-1990 Young Master
New England Comics (Press) (NEC)
New Horizons
New Media Publishing
New Sirius Productions
New York ComicsUSA 1986 Washmen
Nicotat ComicsUSA 1988-1996 Boris the Bear ran by comic creater James Dean Smith
Nightwynd Productions
Nobody's Home ProductionsUSA 1987 Joe Dinosaur-Head
Nonsense UnlimitedUSA 1986? The Quadro Gang #1
Northern Lights (Press)CAN 1986-1990 Empire Lanes
Northstar Publ.
Not Available ComicsUSA 1985-2006 Zot! ½ Matt Feazell
Now Comics Ralph Snart Adventures
Nuclear Age ComixUSA 1986 The Boogieman co-op with Rion Productions?
Oasis ComicsUSA 1984-? Future Beat; Whispers and Shadows Tracy Schell, owner
Ocean ComicsUSA 1985-1999? Mr. Jigsaw Special; Ocean Comics
Odyssey Publishing
Onward ComicsUSA 1986-1991 Ultra Klutz
Opus GraphicsUSA 1987-2008 Lejentia self-publisher Steve Crompton?
Oracle Comics
Outerealm Comix
Outside ComicsUSA 1985?-1991? Maxwell Madd and his Wrestling Women; Scratch
P.S. Productions
Pacific Comics parent company Blue Dolphin Enterprises
Pacific Comics Club
Pandemonium PressUSA 1986-? Tammas
Paragon Publications > (AC)?USA 1969?-1980? Fun Comics Bill Black company; re-imagined as Americomics, then name changed to AC Comics
Perrydog Press
Phantasy Press Kitz 'n' Katz Komiks Did a reprint of Zot! ½ in Jun 1986
Pied Piper Comics Ex-Mutants, The New Humans
Pinnacle Comics
Pioneer ComicsUSA 1988-90 Prince Valiant, and Mandrake the Magician titles Mostly reprinted comic strips
Piranha Press (DC)
Planet X Productions / Comics
Platinum Canyon Publication, Ltd.USA 1982 Vikon
Prairie Dog PublicationsUSA 1986 The Anonymous
Prelude Graphics?
Printed MatterUSA 1986-1987 Renegade Rabbit
Protoculture (confirmed?)
PSI ComicsUSA 1987 BrainGlo
Pure ImaginationUSA 1975-? Doc Weird's Thrill Book; Jack Kirby Treasury Mostly reprints; Greg Theakston, publisher. Imprint Black Cat Books
Pyramid Productions
Quad Star ComicsUSA 1988 Terror Syndrome Anthony Monzo, publisher
Quality Comic Art ProductionsCAN 1980 The Comic Strip News, The Comic Art Showcase, Comic Strip Showcase Notable for their comic strip reprints
Quality CommunicationsUK 1982-88 Marvleman Special, Warrior Ceased comic book publishing in 1988
Quest PublicationsUSA 1983 Quest Presents
R.A.K. Graphics
Raven GraphicsUSA 1987? Marionette
Raw Books & Graphics
Rebel Creations
Rebel Studios
Red Spade GraphicsUSA 1987 Flyin' Ralph, New Hero Comics
Renegade Press
Revolutionary ComicsUSA 1989-1994 Rock 'n' Roll Comics, Tipper Gore's Comics and Stories Got a lot of attention with sue threats over the biographical Rock 'n' Roll Comics
Rion ProductionsUSA 1986 The Boogieman (?); Rion 2990 Ryan Brown, publisher
Rip Off Press
Robin Snyder (and Steve Ditko)USA 1989- Steve Ditko Package series, The Lonely One, Out of This World Prints Steve Ditko's Golden Age and later work
Rocket Comics (Graphics?)USA 1983-2006? Comet Tales, The Comic Book Newsletter, Orbit Jim Park, publisher
Rocky Hartberg Productions
Saga PublishingUSA ? Shadow of the Groundhog founder B.J. Miller
Sage ProductionsUSA 1988 Saga of the von Erich Warriors solicited Blue Warriors, but never printed
Savage Graphics
ShadowStar Press
Showcase Publ.
Silver Snail
Silver Wolf / SilverWolfUSA 1984-'87 Grips; Fat Ninja Kris Silver, proprietor. Greater Mercury Comics would pick up future printing
Sirius Comics
Slave Labor / Graphics
SmithsonianUSA ?- Comics In the Classroom Publishes many things educational
Solson - Lubert
Solson Publications
Special Studio (Diamond Press) CAN The Snake; Tony Bravado, Trouble-Shooter
Spectrum Comics
Sphinx Productions
Spider Optics (CAN)
SpiderBaby GrafixUSA 1988-1997 SpiderBaby Comics, Taboo, Tyrant Publisher Stephen R. Bissette
Spotlight ComicsUSA 1986-'87 Mighty Mouse Adventure Magazine; Samurai Squirrel Did some color titles
Sputnik PressUSA 1990-? Near to Now (some) imprint of Acme Comics Group?
Stages ComicsUSA 1986 Constellation Graphics
Starblaze Graphics
Star-Shepherd Ltd.USA 1986 Miss Ma'am's Intergalactic Fried Chicken...
Starhead Comix
Stats, Etc.USA 1986 3-D Adventure Comics promo by printer
SteelDragon Press 1983-1988 Omaha the Cat Dancer, Captain Confederacy
StingRay ComicsUSA1987-? Dangerworld
Stop Dragon Comics
Strawberry Jam ComicsCAN 1986-1992 Night Life; To Be Announced
Studio Proteus (Dark Horse)
Survival Art PressUSA 1981-'89? In-Country Nam, The Survivalist Chronicles
Sword In StoneCAN 1987-1991 Corbo Roger Broughton's original publishing company, later gets folded into Charlton Media Group
Synchronicity ComicsUSA 1987 Golden Dragon
Tami Comics
Target Comics
Ten-Buck Comics 1986-89 Space Beaver
That Other Comix Co.USA 1984 Wonderland Express Mr. Moses publisher?
Thoughts and Images (&)
Thumbprint Productions 1989 Martian Summers
Thunder Bass Press
Tiger ComicsUS 1987 Phantasy Against Hunger
Timbuktu GraphixUSA 1988-92 Zombie Boy
Trident Comics
Tru Studios
True Fiction PublicationsUSA 1986-'87? Steel PUlse imprint of Fandom House
Trylvertell PressUSA 1986-87 Starjongleur Gary Davis project
Twilight Twins ProductionsUSA 1987-95? Zolastraya and the Bard
Unbridled AmbitionUSA 82?-? Spaced
Unicorn ComicsUSA 1986?-2014? New Beginning Published some large format books
U.S. Comics
U.S James Bond 007 Club
ValkyrieUK Luther Arkwright; Redfox
Victor Plajas ?Victor Comics?USA 1986-'87? Concepts Illustrated; The Last Super Hero
Victory Productions
Vincent Creations
Visionary Graphics
Viz ComicsUSA 1986- Area 88; The Legend of Kamui; Mai, The Psychic Girl U.S. distributor of Manga
Vortex Comics
WaRP Graphics
Warren Publishing
Wandering Star
WeeBee Comics
Wehner Publishing, Inc.USA 1987-1989 Astonish!; The Legends of Elfinwild
White Buffaloe Press
White Wolf PublishingUSA 1987-? Dark Regions
Wild Think ProductionsUSA 1987 Wild Think
Wonder ComixUSA 1987-1995? Heroes of Rock 'N Fire; Mythos; Night Brigade
Wrecking RowUSA 1984-? Leo Derek Joshua Stewart, publisher
Zen ComicsUSA 1987-? Zen, Intergalactic Ninja
Zinzinnati Animation Productions (ZAP)USA 1988 Fantaescape Book creator's owned


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