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The first collectable items I remember having were 1974 Topps Baseball Cards. Since then, I've been hooked on baseball cards, and have been buying at least one pack a year since about 1980. I also have some of my first Hot Wheels© still. When I got the knack for collecting was probably in the early '80s when I was given a hefty amount of old American coins—nothing was older than 1944. So from then on, I began to see value in almost everything.

Here is a list of almost every genre that I have in possession. I went ahead and ordered it by the period that I first received an item in that category, or by when I first began to get serious about collecting those items. Linked items will either go to a page on this website, or offsite, that has some specific info about my collection (or no info at all!).

Hardly anything has any real value, and none of it has been appraised, or is even worthy of appraisal!

Now, there are some others that I may not count as collectible, but are part of a growing collection; CDs, DVDs (here), and old vinyl recordings. I also have some autographs (which I don't value because autographs do not appeal to me—I live for the moment), cassette tapes, VHS, AOL Disks/Discs, shot glasses (maybe just four?), Absolut Vodka ads (I don't know if I even still have these, but it sprung from my magazine cache), an unfortunately growing computer collection, and other memorabilia.

Some of the links here will not work until I fix all the code. It's the move, I swear!

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