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The Wedding Planner (2001)

Oy! Could there be a more insipid movie? Not that I'm aware, at this time. This movie could be summed up right here: Matthew McConaughey. It seemes like there is a rut he has fallen into. The 'insipid-movie-rut.' Much like the rock bands that get stuck making love songs for the rest of their dismal careers, the same can be said of movie-makers.

Jennifer Lopez, not to be left out, is in the role that makes Maid in Manhattan look like Casablanca. she walks around like she owns the movie, and does not show any effort to exemplify herself. And that can pretty much be said of the whole movie. It's just rolling downhill from the word action. If I must expound, Lopez's character, Mary Fiore, is the best planner at the agency she is trying to become a partner of. She gets saved in the street from a runaway trashcan by McConaughey, playing Dr. Peter Edison. They have an interesting day together, both falling in love. All is joy, until the next day, when Lopez meets with an interested client she must land (played by Ali Larter look-a-like Bridgette Wilson-Sampras), and her fiancé who just happens to be McConaughey. Oops! Mayhem does not stop there. Over at the community center, Lopez's father sets her up with an Italian man that she once knew as a mud-eating kid. What could have been better, is the time spent with her father's friends. They could have stolen the whole show. What proceeds instead, is a somewhat hidden rip-off of The Runaway Bride. That is where I totally lost interest.



Overall, the look of the movie was at least pleasant. It was even playful at times, considering the opening sequence (probably shot by the Second Unit). This was still a bad movie.



The screenplay will never win an award...except perhaps a Razzi, if ever one is to be given for screenwriting. A true test of quality, is to check out how many producers there are. With The Wedding Planner, there were 14 of this overpaid individuals. What is the cause of such a gathering? Bad story. Even an amassed army such as it was, could not put Humpty Dumpty together.



I would say, the producers should have taken over the roles themselves.

Hmm, maybe they could have at least replaced them with TV commercial actors, then there would have been an excuse for such cardboard acting. With the exception of the older actors, with well-toned experience, you cannot call anyone else in this farce respectable.


Cinematography: 2
Screenplay: 1
Acting: 1
Overall: 1.33

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