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  1. K-19: The Widowmaker [10.29.2003]
  2. Kalifornia
  3. Kangaroo Jack [07.12.2003]
  4. Karate Kid, The
  5. Karate Kid II, The
  6. Kate & Leopold [01.26.2004]
  7. Keep, The [02.07.2004]
  8. Keeping In Shape [06.07.2008]
  9. Keeping the Faith [03.30.2008]
  10. Kelly's Heroes Star Rated
  11. Key Largo Star Rated
  12. Kid Speed [05.24.2004]
  13. Kid's Last Ride, The [07.22.2003]
  14. Kill Bill: Vol. 1 [05.17.2004]
  15. Killing Affair, A [01.28.2004]
  16. Killing Time, The
  17. Kindergarten Cop Star Rated
  18. King Arthur [09.26.2005]
  19. King Kong (1933) Star Rated
  20. King Kong (1976) Star Rated [12.02.2006]
  21. King Kong (2005)
  22. King of Comedy, The (1983) Star Rated
  23. King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters, The [02.14.2009] Star Rated
  24. King and I, The
  25. Kingdom, The [08.17.2008]
  26. Kinky Boots [04.2007]
  27. Kiss of Death (1947) [09.13]
  28. Kiss of Death (1995)
  29. Knack ...and How to Get It, The Star Rated [01.21.2008]
  30. Knight's Tale, A [03.2003]
  31. Knocked Up [08.16.2008]
  32. Krippendorf's Tribe Star Rated
  33. Krull
  34. Kull the Conqueror [02.2007]
  35. Kundun Star Rated
  36. Kung Fu Hustle Star Rated

How to use 'My List'

Movies appearing in my list are placed on the page alphabetically, sorted by separate pages, as soon as I see them. By clicking on a particular movie, if available, you may read my review. Not all movies will have a review tagged with them, but given enough time, I will let you know what I thought about a movie in clear non-biased terms (the only real objection will be related to the quality of the movie). Next to each title, you will might see a number; (9999) is the year of release; [99.99.99] is the date I saw the movie; and {9999} is the sequence number, in relation to all movies that I have seen, but is not true for any number lower than 1400, and probably not so perfect above that.

On the right of each page, you will find the Now Showing box, which will direct you to pages with movies starting with that letter. At the bottom of these pages, you will find another navigation area, leading you to pages not related to the list, or off of this site, and should altogether be of interest to you.

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