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This is the introduction page, with the rules and pseudo game play to I Say, U Say: Movies!©

-The Game

The premise is simple: A movie title is given, and then a player comes up with another title with at least one word from the previous title. And the game proceeds like this until the players are stumped, or tire. But the game does not necessarily have to end. Read from the outline below to understand why. {Already know the rules? Then go play!}

-Standard Rules

First off, articles of sentence structure, (definite or otherwise), are not allowed. These words that connect, or limit, nouns in their usage. These words are: 'a', 'an', 'and', 'the', 'that', 'of', 'or', 'nor', and probably another that I can't remember now. Why these words? Because they are so prolific, and their use make the game dreary. Articles should also NOT be counted in the length of the title. So if the title The Movie were given at the start, or during gameplay, (more or less the whole purpose of Expert play), it would be illegal since Movie is the only legitimate word in the title. Be concerned with this during the game. The online version is set for the Novice, please do not make it difficult for others, though stumping other players is fun!

-Passing Turns is of no concern online. For the offline players, this would be something to consider before playing. It could be made where a player is disqualified when they pass, if you and yours agree. Nice. huh?

-Common Knowledge is the main point of the online version, to let everybody play. In particular, I may be talking specifically about U.S. releases. If the movie is foreign, but made it to the shores, then it is allowed. The title must be entered in its English name. We certainly need movies that are recognizable by the majority of the movie going public.

-Other no-nos are sequels, prequels, and serials. I set the law down on this early in the development of the game. Who wants to say Die Hard, respond Die Hard II: Die Harder, and then Die Hard III: Die Hard with a Vengeance? These title may be technically allowable, but when you start an Expert game with Rocky, you know that will lead to nowhere. So absolutely, no sequels, prequels or serials that have that repetitive nature about them. That is to say, at least one word showing up again and again. But, if it's something like The Two Jakes, it would be allowable since Chinatown is not in the title. outline

-Who Starts?

Good question. Work it out yourself offline. That's the great thing about regular play, the rules can be customized according to the players wants.

-Allowable Titles

I may be repeating myself, but anyway, in Easy play (this online game in particular) no one titles are allowed. Articles are not counted. Titles must be in English [on these boards anyway], and spelled as correctly as possible. These titles must not be obscure. Don't leave anything to chance, especially where independant films are concerned. If the title can not be verified, it will be thrown out. And don't go off looking for a title. These titles must be drawn from memory. NO CHEATING. And to strengthen your submission, you can tell everyone a little about the plot, or summarize, in the comment box below the subject line. This will provide details about the existence of movies that may border on the obscure, and hopefully get some people interested in seeing movies they have never seen before.


Another repetitive topic..., maybe. A foreign word in a title may be ignored, because the chances of another 'English' title with the same foreign word in it, is slim. Ignore the word, or avoid the title and don't submit it. Remember, in these online games, no one-word titles. Try to stay away from using titles with numbers in them. Somebody might get confused and accidentally use a sequel.


For now, the online game will have no time limit. Keep in mind though, the 'game' board is open to anyone and in that regard, time may be against you. If you take too much time thinking, somebody may post before you do, and mess things up for your post. (I'll edit/delete any bad posts). So, if you are stumped for some time, refresh the screen before posting just to make sure nothing has changed.

Offline, a time limit between plays can be set. If someone goes over the allotted time, they may be passed, or even disqualified from the game.That, of course, is up to the players to decide before the game begins.

If play does stop, the last 'poster' wins. Online ore offline, if your group is stumped, the last submission wins the game. A time limit on the game is not necessary, especially online, but it can be set if everyone agrees. Another great advent of the game is that the playing never has to stop, and can be carried over to another time or date.


The source is in your mind. Really! The game is about recollection. A resource, during offline play, should be selected by the players before the game starts. Once a source is chosen, the game may start, and any challenged submission can be verified. The person to look this up, should be the previous 'poster'. To be fair, this act of verification is better suited for three(3) or more players. The reason why the previous (or last) player should be the referee in these situations, is so he/she will not have an unfair advantage. Any movie listing that they see in that resource may give them an edge on the game. A source book may become too much of a temptation for the current, or next player.

-Fairplay With Sources

A source should be kept away from the contestants, and its use limited. If at least one person disputes the validity of the given movie title (in groups larger than two), then a 'poll' shall be taken. A majority must agree that the title is legal before the game can resume. If the majority denies the play, or submission, then go to the book. Anyone can be outvoted, right or wrong.

As for online play, our resource will be the IMDb. NO CHEATING! If there is a dispute, let's say from you, reply to the post that you think is invalid. Remember, you must reply in the text field within the thread; new messages/subjects are for posting movie titles. Once a dispute is made, let's say that I will look into it, and probably have the bad post removed.

-Disputes Without Sources

Okay, let's say you are on the bus playing the game, and oops! NO SOURCE! Then you and your fellow players must act on kindness and allow for leeway. What does this mean? A disputed title should be summarized by the poster. Try to keep it brief. The point is to convince other players (a majority) that the movie is real. So basically, an argument is being made for the movie's existence. outline

-Expanded Rules

(for offline play)One word titles are allowed, and time limits can be set. Woo-hoo!

-One Word Titles

Yes, yes, it's the tough one. Allowances are geared for anything except sequels/prequels. The toughest part of the game would be the one word titles. If you start off the game with a single word, be kind. You could win instantly, but it could also lead to repetitiveness. Boring! But, if you add time limits to submissions, then you may very well have a raucous game on your hands!

-Time Limits

Time limitations can be set on anything, (except for the online game). You can set time for adding a title, and even on the length of the game itself so no one will be up all night.


Pick a particular movie genré, and try to stick to that subject. If your movie is wrong, then you're out!


Movies from the Sixties. Now that's good. The hippiest bunch of celluloid ever! Or, how about the Silents, or those Red Menace movies?


You decide, configure it anyway you want. You and your friends could even play I Say, U Say: Literature!, or : Songs! The topics are endless.

-End Game

- If the online game goes on too long, I may pick the one person who puts the most accurate titles on the list. I haven't set a time limit yet, and I may never do so. Offline, the winner is the last player standing. Through disqualification, or conceding, a winner will be chosen, if indeed a winner is what you want. Remember, the rules must be laid out before the game begins. And if it is decided that there will be no real 'winner,' that is fine. I Say, U Say: Movies! is all for fun!
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